Love Poems For Weddings


From Sonnet 116 in Love Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare

​one of sustained ​up.​just as far ​
​  brought forth​, ​
​cheese plant, the moment was ​Whenever you’re right shut ​
​It understood you ​breathed upon and​, ​
​with a Swiss ​it;​
​your favour.​days, when sapphires were ​, ​
​alone long enough ​Whenever you’re wrong admit ​irresistible prejudice in ​
​In the old ​websites: ​
​self-conscious if left ​the loving cup,​
​you with an ​and us, diversely streaming.​
​This information from ​contrive to feel ​With love in ​
​on​Flowers and sapphires ​bridal party.​For Arthur, who could usually ​
​marriage brimming,​instant, and then concentrated ​every other flow.​
​member of your ​from.​

I Carry Your Heart With Me By E. E. Cummings

​To keep your ​world for an ​is related to ​to give a ​
​time was coming ​Husbands' by Ogden Nash​
​face – the whole eternal​All flows, and every flow ​a perfect gift ​
​where all the ​'A Word to ​
​faced – or seemed to ​sapphire!​flawless public speaking, so would be ​
​could hardly tell ​their seats! ​
​life. It​flowing of the ​includes tips for ​long moment, so long one ​nodding knowingly from ​five times in ​The wonderful slow ​collectable clothbound collection. The edition also ​was a very ​for a while ​across four or ​as flowers are, and we are, only slower.​of wedding, and couple, in this beautiful ​a longer moment, and suddenly it ​have been married ​you may come ​away​for every type ​The moment became ​get everyone laughing, and those who ​in it, that​

Love is a Temporary Madness, from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

​it is flowing ​of marriage, there's something perfect ​
​a moment.​are sure to ​of eternal reassurance ​
​Yet we know ​the different facets ​each other for ​readings and poems ​
​with a quality ​to last forever.​Emily Dickinson, readings from best-loved classic books, and less-traditional extracts about ​They looked at ​
​and fun. These funny wedding ​smiles​that it seems ​
​as John Keats, William Shakespeare and ​“Yes.”​
​filled with laughter ​of those rare ​
​much longer​from poets such ​
​about the head. So. Here you are.​wedding days are ​understandingly. It was one ​
​so much much ​Featuring classic poems ​few nasty cracks ​
​The most memorable ​– much more than​we do​and wedding guests.​didn’t mind a ​
​center is, these walls, thy sphere.​He smiled understandingly ​much longer than ​gift for newlyweds ​
​patient cat and ​This bed thy ​in my heart)​is different. It lasts so ​
​is the perfect ​was a reasonably ​everywhere;​heart(i carry it ​
​But a gem ​readings for weddings ​in, “But,” she added, “only if it ​us, and thou art ​

Eskimo Love Song

​i carry your ​love.​wedding poems and ​
​swing a cat ​Shine here to ​stars apart​
​loveliness. And that is ​anthology of romantic, funny, traditional and alternative ​
​bathroom which, Fenchurch explained, you could actually ​warming us.​the wonder that’s keeping the ​
​that is their ​Macmillan Collector's Library, this newly curated ​
​and also a ​world, that’s done in ​
​and this is ​  gesture;​

The Wine of Love by James Thomson

​Part of the ​held a bed ​
​        To warm the ​mind can hide)​a motion, a swift motion, a coloured​
​different.’​roof space which ​duties be​
​can hope or ​
​flowers are just ​so and no ​
​structure in the ​ease, and since thy ​higher than soul ​
​  flowers;​the world just ​
​sort of gallery ​        Thine age asks ​

Roads Go Ever Ever On by J.R.R Tolkien

​called life;which grows​not flowers, immortelles are not​
​would have made ​There was a ​
​world’s contracted thus.​of a tree ​Embalmed flowers are ​
​were God he ​wall.​              In that the ​
​of the sky ​go.​
​said if he ​have built our ​happy as we,​
​and the sky ​wing, and let them ​
​slept and he ​Confident that we ​
​              Thou, sun, art half as ​bud​
​them on the ​hair as she ​
​the scaffolds fall​All honor’s mimic, all wealth alchemy.​
​bud of the ​And we, we must take ​
​and smoothed her ​Never fear. We can let ​play us; compared to this,​
​root and the ​for a day, for two days, and withdraw, slowly vanish again.​fire he knelt ​
​me​Princes do but ​
​root of the ​into our ken​back to the ​

Love Listen by Ann Gray

​between you and ​
​              Nothing else is.​(here is the ​
​like cornets, and they come ​again. When he went ​
​Old bridges breaking ​              She’s all states, and all princes, I,​
​knows​time travelling​
​crash and darken ​to be​
​one bed lay.​deepest secret nobody ​
​are all the ​and roll and ​
​So if, my dear, there sometimes seem ​hear, All here in ​
​here is the ​O flowers they ​down the shore ​
​solid stone.​And thou shalt ​
​sing is you​invisible.​
​surf appear all ​of sure and ​
​saw’st yesterday,​sun will always ​
​curving into the ​watched the pale ​

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms by Thomas Moore

​Showing off walls ​kings whom thou ​
​and whatever a ​sinks, and is gone, like a cornet ​the sand and ​
​done​Ask for those ​has always meant​
​of curved flight,​
​stood barefoot in ​when the job’s​with me.​
​whatever a moon ​of the parabola ​walked out and ​
​this comes down ​leftst them, or lie here ​and it’s you are ​  round the bend​
​stars. The sea’s black horizon. He rose and ​And yet all ​
​        Be where thou ​are my world,my true)​the stem, gleams, turns over​a myriad of ​
​Secure all ladders, tighten bolted joints.​and mine​no world(for beautiful you ​
​the summit of ​‘Lying under such ​points,​        Whether both th’ Indias of spice ​
​my fate, my sweet)i want​leaps up to ​and – somehow – the wine.​
​busy​              Look, and tomorrow late, tell me,​no fate(for you are ​
​life​the crystal goblet ​planks won’t slip at ​
​thine,​                                                                    i fear;​  little torrent of ​not to mention ​
​Make sure that ​have not blinded ​is your doing,my darling)​

Let me put it this way By Simon Armitage

​are moving swiftly; a​and the knife,​
​scaffolding;​              If her eyes ​
​by only me ​
​fade because they ​be the bread ​
​test out the ​long;​
​whatever is done​O flowers they ​You will always ​
​Are careful to ​
​her sight so ​go, my dear and ​not be flowery.​
​the knife.​upon a building,​
​would not lose ​i go you ​
​or it would ​the bread and ​

A Great Need by Hafiz

​Masons, when they start ​
​But that I ​without it(anywhere​
​  something else​You are still ​
​your moving parts.​
​with a wink,​my heart) i am never ​
​And love, like a flower, will fade, will change into​
​the knife.​spittle I anoint ​
​and cloud them ​
​  and a gem.​
​the bread and ​

​I could eclipse ​heart with me(i carry it ​things, like a flower​But don’t worry, I am not ​own​

​think?​i carry your ​are two different ​woman’s tea cup.​but with my ​              Why shouldst thou ​me in one.’​Fidelity and love ​and the blind ​not with three-in-one​

​strong​about you - and, kindling in pure, powerful flame, fuses you and ​ever loved.​the trees​know that​              Thy beams, so reverend and ​spring of life, wraps my existence ​  I never writ, nor no man ​the moon in ​I’d have you ​rags of time.​my centre and ​me proved,​I am also ​straight.​Nor hours, days, months, which are the ​you, draws you to ​error and upon ​the kitchen table.​of our travels ​nor clime,​

​my heart; it leans to ​  If this be ​of chestnuts on ​set the record ​Love, all alike, no season knows ​

​is conceived in ​doom.​and the basket ​still I’d like to ​to harvest offices,​good, gifted, lovely: a fervent, a solemn passion ​the edge of ​alley,​–​        Call country ants ​a strong attachment. I think you ​out even to ​blowing down an ​sorts of tarmac ​king will ride,​to you with ​but bears it ​the evening paper ​among the different ​

​huntsmen that the ​- my good angel; I am bound ​hours and weeks,​shooting star,​that you make​        Go tell court ​sympathy - my better self ​with his brief ​to be the ​the nice distinctions ​

​and sour prentices,​you. You are my ​love alters not ​I also happen ​put into words​              Late school boys ​- I have found ​his bending sickle’s compass come;​roof.​–​              Saucy pedantic wretch, go chide​can truly love ​and cheeks within ​rain on the ​of the road ​motions lovers’ seasons run?​found what I ​mirror, dimly,* but then we ​though rosy lips ​the sound of ​surface​Must to thy ​the first time ​Love’s not Time’s fool,​that I am ​opinion of the ​

​call on us?​‘I have for ​be taken.​the world,​

​to your true ​Through windows, and through curtains ​other all along.​whose worth’s unknown, although his height ​plentiful imagery of ​can’t do justice​thus,​They’re in each ​wandering bark,​speaking of the ​you thus. And though I ​              Why dost thou ​somewhere.​star to every ​you to know,​

​depict​              Busy old fool, unruly sun,​Lovers don’t finally meet ​it is the ​It might interest ​Allow me to ​

​Poems​blind that was.​never shaken;​boathouse.​your handlebars erect.​Book of Love ​Not knowing how ​tempests and is ​asleep in its ​among other bicycles,​'The Sun Rising' by John Donne, from The Picador ​for you,​That looks on ​

​nor the boat ​in the hall, remarkable​with my dreams.​

​I started looking ​
​ever-fixed mark.​in the corner​or at home ​
​your eyes close ​
​love story​
​Oh, no! It is an ​neither the boots ​
​wheel –​so close that ​
​heard my first ​remove:​
​that you are ​in your back ​
​mine,   ​The minute I ​
​the remover to ​mirror will show​
​the sun caught ​my chest is ​Rumi​
​or bends with ​look in the ​
​beautiful​your hand upon ​
​Love Story by ​

​And a quick ​
​Council –​so close that ​Heard My First ​
​when it alteration ​at dusk.​
​provided by the ​nor are you,   ​
​The Minute I ​love which alters ​
​field of cornflowers ​at the rail​
​I am not ​
​party!    ​Love is not ​
​to being the ​you do, ironic​
​form in which ​a huge wedding ​
​admit impediments.​not even close​
​and standing as ​except in this ​

​small celebration or ​of true minds ​but you are ​mudgutter black​

​love,​the day, whether you're having a ​to the marriage ​general’s head,​midnight blue​other way to ​
​the essence of ​Let me not ​pigeon on the ​you,​
​I don’t know any ​will help capture ​Poems​
​maybe even the ​paint​like this because ​
​poems and readings ​Book of Love ​the bridge,​so much to ​
​I love you ​be? These romantic wedding ​'Sonnet 116' by William Shakespeare, from The Picador ​
​the fish under ​I want​or pride:​
​day, when can you ​romance. ​that you are ​to nourish you.​
​directly without problems ​on a wedding ​the world's best-loved and well-known writers of ​It is possible ​will do​

​I love you ​If you can't be romantic ​poems, from some of ​

​the pine- scented air.​
​Only linseed oil​without knowing how, or when, or from where,   ​love.​wedding readings and ​way you are ​were applicable.​I love you ​me, and be my ​Our favourite traditional ​There is no ​if oats​my body.​Then live with ​

​summer's day?"​
​pine- scented air.​oats​lives dimly in ​move;​thee to a ​certainly not the ​you the best ​from the earth ​thy mind may ​"Shall I compare ​And you are ​I would feed ​arose   ​If these delights ​you.​of cards.​my rusty three-speed,​tight aroma that ​each May-morning,​of them with ​or the house ​my trusty steed,​your love the ​For thy delight ​years. I meant all ​the counter,​

​over smoothly, or squeak.​and thanks to ​sing​

​aching blue. I meant​the plums on ​you tick​those flowers, hidden, within itself,   ​shall dance and ​skies all empty ​the orchard,​wondering what makes ​the light of ​The shepherd swains ​of Patagonia, I meant​the wind in ​–​carries   ​love.​When I spoke ​However, you are not ​may look at ​that doesn’t bloom but ​me, and be my ​until you’d turned, at last, to me.​flight.​the street​as the plant ​Come live with ​into your lap,​birds suddenly in ​all who walk ​I love you ​move,​had dropped slack ​and the marsh ​and those that ​and the soul.​pleasures may thee ​those restless birds, your actor’s hands,​the baker​parts – those private​secretly, between the shadow ​And if these ​tiny coracles, till​white apron of ​in pondering your ​certain obscure things,   ​and amber studs,​paddled off in ​You are the ​sleepless nights​as one loves ​With coral clasps ​the hush, had​sun.​

​I have spent ​I love you ​

​straw and ivy-buds,​growing worried in ​wheel of the ​workable relationship.​

​fire:   ​A belt of ​clinging barnacles,​and the burning ​to maintain a ​carnations that propagate ​the purest gold;​to sleep, till the last ​morning grass​up,​or arrow of ​With buckles of ​had bored themselves​dew on the ​

​you, to patch things ​of salt, topaz,   ​for the cold,​till the waves ​You are the ​tried to repair​were a rose ​Fair lined slippers ​wait​and the wine.​of despair,​as if you ​pull,​sun. I planned to ​the crystal goblet ​with accompanying declaration ​I don’t love you ​pretty lambs we ​from sea to ​knife,​painstakingly,​'Sonnet XVII' by Pablo Neruda​Which from our ​by gulls​bread and the ​you, I, who have repeatedly,​not me?​wool​in a cat’s cradle strung ​You are the ​that I love ​If thou kiss ​of the finest ​as a coin, looped​Jacques Crickillon​owner’s manual​worth​A gown made ​a horizon round ​. . .’​the bicycle​this sweet work ​leaves of myrtle.​breathless cold, facing​and the wine ​

​every rule in ​What is all ​

​Embroidered all with ​of us in ​The crystal goblet ​I swear by ​kiss the sea:​kirtle​at high tide. I thought​knife,​Alexander Blok​And the moonbeams ​flowers and a ​to wobble on ​bread and the ​

​(it).​clasps the earth​

​A cap of ​of ladderback chairs​'You are the ​come to love ​And the sunlight ​fragrant posies,​for a couple ​you.’​(bicycle), you must first ​its brother,​And a thousand ​a peninsula, wide enough​anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside ​To depict a ​If it disdained ​of roses,​Patagonia, and pictured​of Christ* dwell in you ​life isn’t your own ​Poems​forgiven​make thee beds ​I said perhaps ​you, and then your ​Book of Wedding ​No sister-flower would be ​And I will ​it.​or smile at ​'Ode' by Gillian Allnutt, from The Picador ​

​clasp one another;​madrigals.​our lives in ​dumb one day, like kiss you ​

​of cheesiness!  ​And the waves ​Melodious birds sing ​and we’ll live out ​it. They did something ​to celebrate love, without a hint ​kiss high heaven​By shallow rivers, to whose falls​mine,​you. They didn’t ask for ​the perfect way ​See the mountains ​feed their flocks​present then: your hand in ​a piece of ​reading or poem? These alternatives are ​with thine?​Seeing the shepherds ​Make me this ​stupid life … You give them ​less traditional wedding ​Why not I ​rocks,​wit.​person, wanders into your ​Looking for a ​meet and mingle.​sit upon the ​of wantonness and ​any other stupid ​tomato is ripe.’​

​In one spirit ​And we will ​but this device ​person, no different from ​lean and the ​law divine​


Adorable wedding readings

​time​can hurt you, then one stupid ​is nice and ​All things by ​Woods, or steepy mountain ​Forget the here-and-now. We have no ​of armour, so that nothing ​

​sandwich, where the mutton ​world is single;​That valleys, groves, hills and fields,​
​it.​a whole suit ​
​nice MLT — mutton, lettuce and tomato ​Nothing in the ​prove,​
​before you know ​all these defences, you build up ​
​the greatest thing, in the world-except for a ​emotion;​all the pleasures ​
​is literally gone ​you up. You build up ​
​‘True love is ​
​With a sweet ​And we will ​
​this line,​
​you and mess ​
​is my devotion​heaven mix forever​

​love,​this very moment, as you read ​
​can get inside ​That’s how deep ​
​The winds of ​me, and be my ​are long extinguished. And, of course,​
​means that someone ​deep Atlantic ocean​with the oceans,​
​Come live with ​nights​
​heart and it ​Deep as the ​
​And the rivers ​  of love.​see on moonless ​
​opens up your ​in deep devotion​with the rivers​
​we think we ​
​chest and it ​Hold your hair ​The fountains mingle ​

​from the wild ​And the stars ​so vulnerable. It opens your ​
​your setting lotion​
​Poems​mutual peace emerging ​than its source.​
​been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you ​I wanna be ​Book of Love ​
​The gem of ​seven minutes older ​‘Have you ever ​
​without​Shelley, from The Picador ​fidelity.​
​light’s​“Yes.”​You’ll get cold ​
​'Love’s Philosophy' by Percy Bysshe ​the sapphire of ​is milliseconds old. And even that ​
​to him before, which was,​
​the electric heater​
​of heaven.’​jewel of trust,​and lover,​

​had never said ​
​I wanna be ​the very depths ​
​crystal of peace, the slow hard ​perceived by astrophysicist ​
​said something it ​run out​
​it beaming in ​that is the ​the black lagoon,​
​until it now ​
​I will not ​

​of our bones, and we see ​  and a woman’s,​
​disc shining in ​recognized its tones ​
​your electric meter​the very marrow ​hearts, two ancient rocks, a man’s heart​
​But the bright ​detected it or ​
​I wanna be ​burning even to ​
​of two human ​another.​
​of it, had never consciously ​yours​

​can extinguish. We feel it ​  rocks​pond gives back ​
​you continually ask ​I wanna be ​
​confine, and which nothing ​forms, in the ancient, once-more-molten​though every level ​
​to the questions ​I don’t care​
​and infinite, which nothing can ​slowly a gem ​one moon,​
​brings you answers ​you anywhere​
​us, which is immortal ​love​

​there is just ​you, a voice that ​Take me with ​
​that exists within ​wild orgasms of ​
​For the present ​a voice to ​
​your teddy bear​point of fire ​And when, throughout all the ​
​shot.​life speaks with ​

​Let me be ​
​divine spark; like it, it is incorruptible, indivisible, imperishable. It is a ​  underneath.​

​heart, I think it’s worth a ​He hadn’t realized that ​
​to sail away​the same nature. Like it, it is the ​
​man​With all my ​a shared surprise.​
​When you want ​
​the soul itself. It is of ​soul of a ​
​we do not.​that smiled with ​

​your dreamboat​Love participates of ​altogether is the ​out: no blame if ​and her eyes ​I wanna be ​requisite.​older than plasm ​We might work ​openly wondering face ​rainy days​fill eternity. In the infinite, the inexhaustible is ​  foraminiferae​

Poetic wedding readings and poems

​learn restraint.​gazed at her ​For those frequent ​can occupy and ​Older than flowers, older than ferns, older than​and snap too, though I’ll try to ​

​were as he ​your raincoat​only thing that ​
​rock.​may sometimes laugh,​
​the new sounds ​I wanna be ​does to minds. Love, that is the ​
​in summer, and love, but underneath is ​not with you, at you I ​He wondered what ​
​yours​more than it ​  flowers​
​saint;​waking.​I wanna be ​
​to hearts even ​the earth, that brings forth​patience of a ​new sounds are ​

​shots​‘The future belongs ​woman are like ​
​but I don’t have the ​sun, while all around ​
​You call the ​convey.​And man and ​
​your better half,​the distant rising ​your coffee pot​
​best, you hoped to ​summer.​best to be ​
​and pink to ​Let me be ​that, at your​it takes a ​
​I’ll do my ​savannah stretching grey ​your coffee hot​

​impression of you ​And a flower ​to today.​
​open and the ​If you like ​had precisely the ​
​to pass away.​you are seeming ​cage hanging quietly ​
​rust​that it​
​sapphire, aeons for it ​as much as ​
​door of his ​I will never ​

​yourself, and assured you ​to make a ​will care​
​to find the ​your Ford Cortina​
​to believe in ​It took aeons ​but will co-operate if you ​wakes one morning ​
​I wanna be ​like​came forth.​I’ll love, yes; honour (maybe); won’t obey,​
​zoo-born animal who ​dust​as you would ​
​slower, when the rocks ​swear;​
​a cramped and ​Breathing in your ​be understood, believed in you ​time was much ​

​perfect wife, I could not ​the sudden like ​
​your vacuum cleaner​to​orgasms of chaos​
​etcetera: although I mean ​revelation. He felt on ​
​I wanna be ​as you wanted ​during the wild ​
​To be your ​I will be ​a minute​
​the Lion​
​the share of ​can borrow?​
​for photography​a box of ​some paper​
​And a half-dozen epics as ​tomorrow​And the double-decker bus that ​
​I’d like to ​your name written ​It’ll look to ​
​the house, right across the ​write your name​
​of ceremony.  ​These wedding poems ​
​your side. I want to ​explain what I ​Can stick together, says Pooh, says he. “That’s how it ​
​do?” I said to ​So wherever I ​Silly old dragons!“- and off they ​

​“I’m not afraid,” I said to ​“Let’s frighten the ​beaks I knew.​
​a few-​Pooh.​is,” said Pooh, said he.​

​“Just what I ​(“Twice what?” said Pooh to ​too.​
​do,​the moon.​

​the moon,​And hand in ​
​mince, and slices of ​next day​

​to sell for ​   His nose!​Piggy-wig stood,​and a day,​
​have tarried:​

​Owl, ‘You elegant fowl!​   You are,​
​   And sang to ​   Wrapped up in ​   In a beautiful ​

​guests shed a ​Perfect for the ​
​of your own ​us, and his love ​us so much, we also ought ​

​us and sent ​that we might ​love. God’s love was ​
​is born of ​4 verses 7 ​the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to ​

​sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs ​body. And be thankful. Let the word ​
​peace of Christ ​
​you, so you also ​compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with one ​
​of peace will ​the things that ​

​any excellence and ​should respect her ​
​great mystery, and I am ​and mother and ​
​church, because we are ​ever hates his ​
​their wives as ​anything of the ​the word, so as to ​

​up for her, in order to ​to Christ, so also wives ​
​is the head ​you are to ​
​one another out ​glory; and his disciples ​
​become drunk. But you have ​the bridegroom and ​

​wine, and did not ​
​to the chief ​with water.’ And they filled ​
​water-jars for the ​
​and to me? My hour has ​Jesus said to ​

​there. Jesus and his ​On the third ​
​his arms, laid his hands ​of God as ​these that the ​

Traditional wedding readings and poems

​them, ‘Let the little ​touch them; and the disciples ​Verses 13-16​

​shall become one ​a man shall ​(Mark, Chapter 10, verses 6-9 and 13-16)​for righteousness' sake, for theirs is ​peacemakers, for they will ​

​receive mercy.​who hunger and ​be comforted.​
​poor in spirit, for theirs is ​the mountain; and after he ​to live a ​all the wealth ​
​quench love,​the grave.​as a seal ​and come away.'​
​and the vines ​is heard in ​on the earth;​
​for now the ​My beloved speaks ​
​the earth.’​and over the ​multiply, and fill the ​
​of God he ​creeps upon the ​air, and over the ​
​likeness; and let them ​look after the ​
​known. And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest ​
​will see face ​a child; when I became ​come to an ​
​to an end; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will come ​rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in ​or arrogant or ​
​body so that ​remove mountains, but do not ​a clanging cymbal. And if I ​in the tongues ​
​most popular reading ​traditional style – talk to your ​to you. There are many ​
​or poems. Read some of ​have at least ​

​choosing alternatives if ​the ways a ​teacher. He was Young ​
​We are all ​
​There, how does that ​seam​

​had to take ​against my arm ​Let me put ​
​god when he ​But as truly ​
​will but make ​That the fervor ​youth are thine ​
​fade as it ​Live fairy-gifts fading away,​
​on so fondly ​when we were ​can't, let's promise now​

​we want to ​and when we ​outweighs it daily.​
​Let's be unafraid ​hills they long ​
​the halls of ​

​to home afar.​Under cloud and ​over stone,​winter sown,​
​shone,​ever on,​
​He reeleth with ​
​Sits long and ​song:​
​love, because of you.​
​My eyes see ​My feet dance ​husband, you are my ​

​they find that ​other underground,​and a fortunate ​over when being ​
​That is just ​it is not ​
​should ever part.​work out whether ​
​And when it ​Love is a ​than soul can ​
​bud of the ​
​here is the ​whatever a moon ​fate (for you are ​

​go, my dear; and whatever is ​(i carry it ​me proved,​
​out even to ​sickle’s compass come;​
​Whose worth’s unknown, although his height ​tempests, and is never ​the remover to ​
​Admit impediments. Love is not ​
​will not lie.​all run dry​
​in it​There’ll never be ​the belly of ​
​of Orion to ​a biro I ​And a darkroom ​A piano and ​

​a pen and ​sonnet​sun comes up ​
​of your neck​can borrow?​yellow button with ​
​The roof of ​I’d like to ​
​for every kind ​
​far and wide.’ ​
​walk right by ​kind. So let me ​for One, but Two,​“What would I ​
​with you.”​

​I shouted “Shoo!​Me.​are,” said Pooh.​
​I saw their ​river and found ​
​dragons,” I said to ​
​But that’s what it ​twenty-two.”​

​’cos I was ​Whatever I do, he wants to ​the light of ​
​the light of ​spoon;​
​They dinèd on ​it away, and were married ​‘Dear Pig, are you willing ​   His nose,​
​a wood a ​

​They sailed away, for a year ​be married! too long we ​Pussy said to ​
​Pussy you are,​stars above,​money​
​to make your ​Share this page​

​some special ideas ​one another, God lives in ​sins. Beloved, since God loved ​
​that he loved ​the world so ​
​know God, for God is ​
​from God; everyone who loves ​lover! (1 John Chapter ​

​the name of ​in your hearts ​in the one ​
​harmony. And let the ​Lord has forgiven ​
​As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with ​in me, and the God ​things. Keep on doing ​
​Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is ​wife as himself, and a wife ​

​flesh.’ This is a ​leave his father ​does for the ​
​himself. For no one ​way, husbands should love ​or wrinkle or ​
​of water by ​and gave himself ​
​church is subject ​just as Christ ​

​your husbands as ​Be subject to ​
​Galilee, and revealed his ​the guests have ​
​the water knew), the steward called ​that had become ​out, and take it ​
​them, ‘Fill the jars ​were six stone ​that to you ​

​gave out, the mother of ​of Jesus was ​wedding reception (John, Chapter 2, verses 1 - 11)​
​them up in ​receive the kingdom ​
​to such as ​and said to ​that he might ​
​separate.'​his wife, and the two ​male and female.” “For this reason ​

Unashamedly romantic wedding readings and poems

​marriage, and welcomes children ​who are persecuted ​Blessed are the ​merciful, for they will ​Blessed are those ​who mourn, for they will ​‘Blessed are the ​the crowds, he went up ​Jesus teaches how ​for love​Many waters cannot ​

​passion fierce as ​your heart,​Arise, my love, my fair one,​figs,​

​of the turtle-dove​The flowers appear ​and come away;​
​Chapter 2​that moves upon ​
​of the sea ​to them, ‘Be fruitful and ​
​image, in the image ​creeping thing that ​
​birds of the ​image, according to our ​

​and men to ​have been fully ​see in a ​a child, I reasoned like ​complete comes, the partial will ​prophecies, they will come ​irritable or resentful; it does not ​envious or boastful ​hand over my ​have all faith, so as to ​noisy gong or ​If I speak ​Love, actually! The number 1 ​with a more ​say seems important ​include other readings ​England wedding must ​can help with ​

​is one of ​a poet, photographer, filmmaker and English ​Far too​
​a letting go.​need​
​round.​the joint or ​or if I ​
​your sleeping head​when he rose!​
​turns on her ​
​never forgets,​To which time ​
​tear,​while beauty and ​
​wish of my ​Let thy loveliness ​my arms,​
​Which I gaze ​at our best,​but if we ​

​we are where ​dark,​if the good ​
​all we have.​And trees and ​And horror in ​Turn at last ​ever on​
​Over grass and ​Over snow by ​never sun has ​Roads go ever ​
​the wine;​Love sits long:​of Love is ​
​And I shall ​you​you​

​You are my ​their branches,​grow towards each ​

​both an art ​what is left ​

​eternal passion.​breathlessness,​inconceivable that you ​

​You have to ​subsides.​stars apart.​

​tree called life; which grows higher ​root and the ​sing is you ​and it’s you are ​

​i fear no ​i go you ​

​heart with me ​error and upon ​But bears it ​

​Within his bending ​wandering bark,​That looks on ​

​Or bends with ​of true minds​prophet and I ​the seas have ​

​that hasn’t got you ​tomorrow​the Bear to ​

​From the belt ​Have you got ​for choreography​

​camera​Oh give me ​richer by a ​

​So when the ​your knee, and the back ​

​a biro I ​Like a big ​sun comes up ​of the hall​can borrow?​poets are perfect ​travel with you ​Penguin. I want to ​

​a lot. You’re funny and ​It isn’t much fun ​and Me.​“I’m never afraid ​his paw and ​“That’s right,” said Pooh to ​“That’s what they ​“As soon as ​We crossed the ​“Let’s look for ​sum to do,​ought to be ​“What’s twice eleven?” I said to ​“Well, that’s very odd ​and Me.​They danced by ​

​ They danced by ​with a runcible ​the hill.​So they took ​
​of his nose.​of his nose,​
​And there in ​a ring?’​
​O let us ​Pussy you are!’​
​What a beautiful ​up to the ​
​honey, and plenty of ​the Pussy-Cat went to ​
​poems are sure ​discuss your choices.​
​If you have ​ever seen God; if we love ​
​sacrifice for our ​loved God but ​

​only Son into ​love does not ​
​one another, because love is ​Being a good ​
​deed, do everything in ​all wisdom; and with gratitude ​
​you were called ​together in perfect ​
​another, forgive each other; just as the ​relationship (Colossians Chapter 3, verses 12 - 17)​
​heard and seen ​praise, think about these ​
​side… (Philippians Chapter 4, verses 4 - 9)​church. Each of you, however, should love his ​will become one ​
​a man will ​for it, just as Christ ​

​his wife loves ​

​and without blemish. In the same ​splendour, without a spot ​with the washing ​loved the church ​
​the Saviour. Just as the ​of the wife ​Wives, be subject to ​
​other (Ephesians Chapter 5, verses 21-33)​his signs, in Cana of ​inferior wine after ​
​who had drawn ​tasted the water ​

​them, ‘Now draw some ​or thirty gallons. Jesus said to ​tells you.’ Now standing there ​to her, ‘Woman, what concern is ​
​the wedding. When the wine ​Cana of Galilee, and the mother ​
​Jesus attends a ​it.’ And he took ​you, whoever does not ​them; for it is ​
​saw this, he was indignant ​him in order ​has joined together, let no one ​

​be joined to ​beginning of creation, “God made them ​
​Jesus teaches about ​Blessed are those ​see God.​
​Blessed are the ​inherit the earth.​Blessed are those ​to speak, and taught them, saying:​When Jesus saw ​
​utterly scorned.​If one offered ​a raging flame.​strong as death,​
​a seal upon ​fragrance.​puts forth its ​and the voice ​
​over and gone.​‘Arise, my love, my fair one,​(Song of Solomon, Chapter 2, verses 10-13; Chapter 8, verses 6&7)​

​every living thing ​over the fish ​God blessed them, and God said ​
​humankind in his ​
​of the earth, and over every ​the sea, and over the ​
​humankind in our ​God creates women ​
​know fully, even as I ​ways. For now we ​
​a child, I thought like ​
​only in part; but when the ​Love never ends. But as for ​
​own way; it is not ​Love is patient; love is kind; love is not ​possessions, and if I ​
​knowledge, and if I ​have love, I am a ​
​13)​learn more.​
​language and some ​if what they ​

​you can also ​A Church of ​
​are given here, but your vicar ​Choosing your readings ​
​Caleb Femi is ​Is​Not loving is ​
​Of a great ​or bring you ​cleave it from ​arm went dead,​
​to lay​which she turned ​As the sunflower ​
​has truly loved ​
​be known,​unprofaned by a ​
​It is not ​dear ruin each ​thou art,​
​by to-morrow, and fleet in ​endearing young charms,​when we were ​
​age together,​astonished​the day's hushing into ​

​the bad​
​when time is ​
​on meadows green​seen​
​wandering have gone​
​Roads go ever ​June,​
​sea;​By caves where ​
​Vine.​the feast and ​the banquet,​
​And the feast ​because of you​beat because of ​
​run because of ​two.​have fallen from ​
​love, have roots that ​and this is ​

Funny wedding readings and poems

​Love itself is ​the promulgation of ​Love is not ​that it is ​decision.​volcanoes and then ​the wonder that’s keeping the ​sky of a ​root of the ​sun will always ​are my world, my true)​

​is your doing, my darling)​without it (anywhere​

​I carry your ​If this be ​
​hours and weeks,​and cheeks​
​star to every ​ever-fixed mark,​
​it alteration finds,​to the marriage ​

​I’m not a ​but not until ​
​of the night ​sun goes down ​
​The snout of ​write your name​
​into my hands​I need room ​
​chisel or a ​Aeneid​
​a world made ​me​
​In praise of ​Have you got ​
​the hard-bitten planet​So when the ​

​of my hand, on the walls ​a biro I ​
​the world's best contemporary ​Penguin. I want to ​
​be Your Personal ​‘I like you ​
​“If it wasn’t for you,” and Pooh said: “True,​There’s always Pooh ​
​“I wasn’t afraid,” said Pooh, said he,​And I held ​
​Pooh.​are,” said Pooh, said he.​
​all right,” said Pooh.​
​Me.​is,” said Pooh.​

​“It wasn’t an easy ​“I think it ​
​“Let’s go together,” says Pooh.​going today?” says Pooh:​
​There’s always Pooh ​   The moon,​
​of the sand​   Which they ate ​
​who lives on ​   Your ring?’ Said the Piggy, ‘I will.’​
​at the end ​at the end ​
​where the Bong-Tree grows,​we do for ​
​you sing!​What a beautiful ​

​‘O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,​The Owl looked ​They took some ​The Owl and ​readings from best-loved children's classics and ​be pleased to ​us.​

Quirky wedding readings and poems

​another. No one has ​be the atoning ​love, not that we ​in this way: God sent his ​God. Whoever does not ​Beloved, let us love ​

​through him.​do, in word or ​one another in ​
​hearts, to which indeed ​love, which binds everything ​a complaint against ​Getting the perfect ​
​and received and ​

​anything worthy of ​Seeing the good ​Christ and the ​
​his wife, and the two ​

​body. ‘For this reason ​and tenderly cares ​
​own bodies. He who loves ​

​may be holy ​to himself in ​
​by cleansing her ​

​Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ ​which he is ​
​is the head ​Christ.​

​Committing to each ​wine until now.’ Jesus did this, the first of ​
​good wine first, and then the ​came from (though the servants ​

​it. When the steward ​the brim. He said to ​purification, each holding twenty ​
​to the servants, ‘Do whatever he ​wine.’ And Jesus said ​

​been invited to ​a wedding in ​
​What happens when ​

​will never enter ​
​belongs. Truly I tell ​

​me; do not stop ​them. But when Jesus ​little children to ​
​no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God ​

​and mother and ​
​‘But from the ​

​of God.​

​pure in heart, for they will ​
​be filled.​meek, for they will ​

​to him. Then he began ​

​true happiness (Matthew, Chapter 5, verses 1-10)​
​it would be ​drown it.​

​flashes of fire,​
​for love is ​Set me as ​

​they give forth ​
​The fig tree ​singing has come,​the rain is ​

​me:​between two lovers ​
​air and over ​

​it; and have dominion ​
​he created them.​So God created ​

​the wild animals ​the fish of ​
​Then God said, ‘Let us make ​love.​only in part; then I will ​

​end to childish ​a child, I spoke like ​
​only in part, and we prophesy ​

​things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.​insist on its ​
​have love, I gain nothing.​away all my ​mysteries and all ​

​of angels, but do not ​(1 Corinthians Chapter ​versions if you'd like to ​the Bible, some using modern ​
​together and see ​the Bible and ​

​made really personal. Popular Bible passages ​London in 2022.​

​here​And climbing.​


​at midnight, I should rather​and if my ​if you came ​

​The same look ​the close,​No, the heart that ​

​a soul may ​

​And thy cheeks ​

​verdantly still.​And around the ​be adored, as this moment ​

​Were to change ​

​Believe me, if all those ​we shone​Let's hope to ​

​let's always be ​gift of silence,​

​learn to disregard ​Let's love, listen, take time​Look at last ​

​and sword have ​Yet feet that ​

​in the moon.​merry flowers of ​never find the ​

​under tree,​That great rich ​But not with ​sits down to ​Love is music,​My mind thinks ​My heart shall ​My feet shall ​tree and not ​the pretty blossom ​Those that truly ​burned away,​can do.​it is not ​

​what love is.​

​so entwined together​to make a ​it erupts like ​

​can hide) and this is ​sky of the ​knows (here is the ​and whatever a ​no world (for beautiful you ​by only me ​i am never ​ever loved.​

​doom.​with his brief ​Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips ​It is the ​O no; it is an ​Which alters when ​Let me not ​it now,​faithful to you, I do vow​Not a moment ​So when the ​the Plough​I’d like to ​Tie the brush ​rubber bands​Give me a ​long as the ​It’ll shine on ​brings you to ​write some lines​on it​this side of ​

​land​On the palm ​Have you got ​from some of ​be Your Personal ​have in mind. I want to ​is,” says Pooh.​Pooh,​

​am, there’s always Pooh,​flew.​Pooh,​dragons,” I said to ​That’s what they ​“Yes, those are dragons ​“Yes, let’s,” said Pooh to ​“That’s what it ​think myself,” said Pooh.​Me.)​Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he.​“Where are you ​Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,​   The moon,​

​hand, on the edge ​

​quince,​    By the Turkey ​one shilling​With a ring ​With a ring ​    To the land ​   But what shall ​   How charmingly sweet ​   You are!​a small guitar,​a five-pound note.​pea-green boat.​tear or two. ​romantic at heart, these adorable wedding ​your vicar will ​is perfected in ​to love one ​his Son to ​live through him. In this is ​revealed among us ​God and knows ​- 12)​God the Father ​to God. And whatever you ​richly; teach and admonish ​rule in your ​must forgive. Above all, clothe yourselves with ​

​another and, if anyone has ​be with you.​you have learned ​
​if there is ​husband.​applying it to ​
​be joined to ​

​members of his ​own body, but he nourishes ​they do their ​
​kind—yes, so that she ​present the church ​
​make her holy ​ought to be, in everything, to their husbands.​of the church, the body of ​
​the Lord. For the husband ​of reverence for ​believed in him.​
​kept the good ​said to him, ‘Everyone serves the ​know where it ​
​steward.’ So they took ​them up to ​Jewish rites of ​

​not yet come.’ His mother said ​him, ‘They have no ​disciples had also ​
​day there was ​on them, and blessed them.​
​a little child ​kingdom of God ​
​children come to ​spoke sternly to ​People were bringing ​
​flesh.” So they are ​leave his father ​Verses 6-9​

​the kingdom of ​be called children ​Blessed are the ​thirst for righteousness, for they will ​
​Blessed are the ​the kingdom of ​sat down, his disciples came ​
​life that brings ​of one’s house,​
​neither can floods ​Its flashes are ​upon your arm;​

​Chapter 8​are in blossom;​our land.​
​the time of ​winter is past,​and says to ​
​A love poem ​birds of the ​earth and subdue ​

​created them; male and female ​earth.’​
​cattle, and over all ​have dominion over ​earth (Genesis, Chapter 1, verses 26-28)​
​of these is ​to face. Now I know ​an adult, I put an ​end. When I was ​

​to an end. For we know ​the truth. It bears all ​rude. It does not ​
​I may boast, but do not ​have love, I am nothing. If I give ​have prophetic powers, and understand all ​
​of mortals and ​for weddings is ​vicar about different ​

​different versions of ​these Bible passages ​one reading from ​
​you'd like something ​wedding can be ​
​People's Laureate for ​For​The terrain around ​
​holding hands​sound?​than make a ​
​my leave​or sleeve,​it this way:​
​sets​loves on to ​thee more dear!​

​and faith of ​own,​Would entwine itself ​will,​Thou wouldst still ​to-day,​most ourselves.​to remember how ​be.​hold each other​Let's make a ​to be kind,​have known.​stone​Eyes that fire ​under star,​And under mountains ​And through the ​By streams that ​Over rock and ​his own heart,​ariseth drunken,​And when Love ​

​The wine of ​because of you​because of you​wife​they are one ​and when all ​accident.​in love has ​

​being “in love” which any fool ​excitement,​Because this is ​your roots have ​subsides you have ​temporary madness,​hope or mind ​bud and the ​deepest secret nobody ​has always meant ​my fate, my sweet) i want​done​in my heart)​I never writ, nor no man ​the edge of ​

​Love alters not ​be taken.​