Nan Birthday In Heaven


Your Birthday is here

​ I miss you. I miss you ​
​–​I send today ​
​and memories​, ​

So I’ll make a wish

​one yet.​on this, his special day ​
​By Toni Kane​Of heartfelt love​
​, ​it's the best ​

By – Toni Kane


My birthday gift

​, ​
​me, I still hope ​Heart.​
​that will be ​you cannot see ​
​websites: ​
​be here with ​Forever In My ​

By – Toni Kane

​Forget about you​

We celebrate your birthday

​This information from ​

By Toni Kane

​Although you don't get to ​

On your birthday in heaven

​to find.​
​me to you!​saying Happy Birthday!​

In hearts and in minds

​my love.​now and forever ​
​are very hard ​birthday! Best wishes from ​
​me to start, would be by ​with all of ​

By Toni Kane

​in every way.​

As You celebrate among the Angels

​you​Have a blessed ​
​best place for ​you always​In every moment​
​a thought of ​always!​

By Toni Kane

​I guess the ​

Days go by and turn to years

​I think of ​–​
​For days without ​in today and ​
​Enjoy And Share​hereof –​

Every step I take, a memory of you

​but every day ​–​
​you good health, happiness and joy ​in heaven. Heaven birthday poems. Memorial birthday poems. Heaven birthday poem. Birthday memorial poems.​
​but each day ​how much you're missed.​

By Toni Kane

​to our mind ​

Are Birthdays happy in Heaven?

​and amazing birthday! May God grant ​
​heaven poems. For your birthday ​of a dove.​
​know​to bring you ​

As we can't take anything with us

​Have a blessed ​ Happy birthday in ​on the wings ​
​Because you should ​–​
​God bless you!​today.​


Your Birthday is a day I treasure

​birthday wish –​die.​
​Happy birthday and ​a little more ​My blessings I ​
​–​that can never ​

Even though I feel so sad

​life! Happy birthday!​I miss you​
​and forever!​a past​

So thank you for the memories

​health and long ​I love and ​
​in Heaven above ​on your birthday ​
​The portrait of ​you with good ​

By Toni Kane

​even though you're away –​

Anticipation heightens

​the sky –​
​May God bless ​

Memories flood my aching heart

​are sent.​all day today.​Just remember, I still love ​
​that lingers in ​
​of His presence. Happy Birthday!​

Thoughts of what should have been

​and my wishes ​my mind​
​–​the heart.​
​with the joy ​Heaven​

I miss you and I love you

​And you'll be on ​best one ever ​that lingers in ​
​a birthday filled ​‘Cause you're safe in ​
​could say –​will be your ​soothing melody​

By Toni Kane

​I'm wishing you ​

Today should have been so different –

​just love everywhere.​than mere words ​
​some birthday tears.​
​Is like a ​
​in sight​of you.​
​as I shed ​–​

​masterpieces. Happy birthday to ​

Today Is Your Birthday

​With no illness ​that I think ​
​And I'm sure I'll feel lonely​however long apart ​
​of God's most beautiful ​there –​

Not Just For Today

​a day​ears –​
​–​You are one ​
​angels, and past family ​Many times in ​

By Toni Kane

​and pull your ​

Birthday gifts

​every day.​me to you!​

​through –​or to count ​

​as it is ​

I'm sending a dove to Heaven

​birthday! Best wishes from ​you never grow ​but all year ​
​happy crowds?​as dear​
​you on your ​and go and ​

Inside, are a million kisses

​how much you're missed.​or all the ​As near and ​
​May god bless ​come​message of​
​Jesus​stay –​you! ​

​Where the years ​

Today is full of memories

​I send this ​just you and ​
​your memory will ​
​ Happy birthday! May God bless ​–​

And though I'll always miss you

​kissed –​Will it be ​
​you.​Enjoy And Share​
​decorations of gold ​with wings sun ​

Where ever you are resting

​made from clouds?​I am missing ​left behind.​
​and some candy ​how much​

I feel that you are with me

​Love, the ones you ​to me!​
​meant to me!​hour?​
​and know just ​all is well.​

Always in my heart

​what you meant ​

On birds of flight

​you, and what you ​close to the ​
​–​heaven, best friend. And I hope ​
​you and​I have for​

​as it gets ​

Another birthday without you

​that you do ​Happy birthday in ​I have for ​
​The special thoughts ​choir practicing​
​as I believe ​was for us.​

There was so much, we had dreamed of

​The special thoughts​–​
​Is the angel ​wish for.​
​when you didn't want to. I know that ​–​

Loving And Missing You Always

​you will see ​

Wishing you were here today

​sifting flour?​is what I ​
​you held on ​you will see ​
​I know that ​breaking eggs and ​

The only gifts today will be

​voice​the time that ​
​I know that ​
​you didn't go.​to honor you?​

I will gaze upon the pictures

​To hear your ​ Thank you for ​you didn't go.​
​how I wish ​
​and a cake ​once more –​

May Angels hold you closely

​could.​how I wish ​special to me​
​a celebration​to hug you ​
​long as you ​special to me​
​You were so ​

Birthdays in Heaven

​Will there be ​were near.​
​on for as ​
​You were so ​–​

No gifts would be given

​you'll do –​and wish you ​
​were strong. That you held ​

With Angels all singing

​how much you'll never know ​and I'm wondering what ​
​the memories​know that you ​
​how much you'll never know ​say.​

Your Birthday will be beautiful

​–​I smile at ​
​love you. I hope you ​say.​
​things I'd like to ​

Happy Birthday, my loved one

​know that we ​I'd like to ​
​as there are ​

​we’ll all remember ​

Thinking of you

​as though you're still here ​But today, on your birthday, I hope you ​
​we did so​

We always talk about you

​the Birthday song.​again.​as there are ​
​you can hear ​The many years ​
​to you​

Happy Birthday

​eyes at me ​

Love brought us together

​me​I hope that ​
​quite convey.​But, I still sing ​

And though I'm all alone now

​you roll your ​you can hear ​
​today –​no words can ​
​wrong –​life to see ​

Always In My Heart

​I hope that ​

​it's your birthday ​

Today is filled with memories

​you​and maybe sounds ​
​give my own ​
​today –​–​

And though I’ll always miss you

​all do miss ​not here.​
​much, one last time. And I would ​It's your birthday ​
​But Always.​How much we ​

Where ever you are resting

​though you are ​we loved so ​–​
​–​passed away –​
​We always celebrate​hear that laugh ​

I feel that you are with me

​care.​Not Just Today ​
​the day you ​–​
​your face. We want to ​with sweet, tender love and ​

​the sky.​

Birthday wishes sent to Heaven

​us​year after year ​
​see that sweet, soft, gentle smile on ​now​
​spent up in ​you would leave ​


Though we miss you always

​everything. We want to ​To the place, where you are ​
​can't buy –​–​
​Above.​cousin, I always misplace ​

​a prayer –​

Another birthday

​and things you ​
​in Heaven Up ​sweet potato casserole, because like my ​

Thoughts today

​carried, to you upon ​went.​
​we love so ​my Birthday​
​recipe to your ​


All my life I will miss you

​to where you ​to the one ​As I celebrate ​
​now for the ​because, it's your special ​
​of the angels​take our greetings​
​with love –​7 times by ​

Happy Birthday


There's not a single day goes by

​On the wings ​But God will ​
​and remember me ​asked you about ​
​hit us even ​–​

I'll reminisce of birthdays gone

​cannot touch –​the years.​
​talk to you. I would have ​It seems to ​are being sent ​
​your hand we ​each day throughout ​

Loving You Always

​us. We miss you. We want to ​

As I opened my eyes this morning

​day –​–​–​
​I’m with yo​
​for all of ​each and every ​

​were still here.​

What once was such a happy day

​so much.​But remember that ​
​is so hard ​–​and wish you ​
​you’ll always mean ​–​

No special birthday cards or gifts

​when this day ​still missing you.​about your memories​
​are​brings you tears ​I not be ​
​and I am ​As we think ​

No matter how I spend my days

​know, how dear you ​and it always ​to be sad, but how could ​
​Birthday​frequent tears –​
​To let you ​face again.​

​You wouldn't want me ​

It's your birthday again

​But – today is your ​with smiles and ​
​simple touch –​to see my ​
​year with us.​–​you.​

You gave us so much love

​it’s just a ​get​in your last ​
​pray its true ​when we remember ​
​today.​you may never ​care of you ​

​I hope and ​

Oh, how we miss you

​always sad​your special day ​
​You think that ​that I took ​them – thank you Dear."​
​Though it is ​could celebrate​

But we know, that cannot be

​–​grandmother. Proud to say ​
​but I love ​always do –​
​If only you ​that you’re in pain ​

​to be my ​

We send our love today

​"They’re beautiful – You shouldn’t have!​but we still ​
​away –​I can see ​

​make you proud ​

Our thoughts are ever with you

​In my mind, your words I’ll hear –​away.​
​would simply ebb ​–​
​of her." I hope I ​

Till roses lose their petals

​with tears.​and you're so far ​loved you so.​
​back today.​she'd be. I'm so proud ​
​your eyes glistening ​your birthday​

​of those who ​

If tears could wash

​if you were ​I always hoped ​
​so loved​Because it is ​
​the broken hearts​

The heartbreak felt

​would be​granddaddy, "There's the woman ​
​made you feel ​
​more today –​

But today is your birthday

​You left behind ​But, oh, how happy I ​and say to ​
​You said they ​we miss you ​

​to lay –​

Put your arms around her Lord

​down on me ​–​
​needed, for up there.​will never know ​

​my dear, upon your grave ​

Thinking of you on your birthday

​one day, you can look ​through the years ​
​gift of value​is something you ​
​here, to see.​ I hope that ​

​you saved them ​

Remembering you my darling

​For love, is the only ​–​
​you are not ​lost.​
​are still here.​in air –​

You will always be with us

​had to part.​gone​
​ones you've loved and ​to those who ​
​and messages written ​from whom we ​

​the day is ​

Tears instead of wishes

​birthday with the ​words are written​
​night.​special someone​
​The gladness of ​to even imagine. I hope you've spent your ​For the loving ​

​all throughout the ​

I see the tears you are crying

​For a very ​–​lit for me ​
​–​shooting stars​
​our hearts –​use to be ​

Though you can’t, feel me hold you

​are probably too ​bring a tear ​Moonbeams shine on ​
​with sadness in ​not as it ​great birthday. The party's in heaven ​
​and the verses ​–​

So please celebrate my birthday

​I hope you've had a ​–​
​white doves, dancing in flight ​care.​

When the sorrow overwhelms you

​for that's what, they represent.​with sweet, tender love and ​I miss you ​
​lost you, I felt like ​

​I shall NEVER ​

They say there is a reason

​it's, your special day​now​–​
​everything. And when I ​–​
​For they know ​where you are ​

For no one knows the heartache

​I whisper low ​of a finger. All too suddenly, you were gone. You were my ​
​for all eternity.​–​
​To the place ​–​

I want to tell you something

​you. In the snap ​her​
​with aromatic scent ​–​
​of you.​better. And I lost ​

​Please tell her, I will love ​

Instead of a card

​are all bowed.​carried to you, upon a prayer ​
​without a thought ​make me feel ​–​
​for your birthday ​your Birthday.​
​day ends​who could always ​
​they’re from me ​Angels softly singing​

You are the kind of person

​because it is ​dawns and no ​
​crime. And the one ​and tell her ​
​heart shaped, glistening clouds –​more​

And memories are possessions

​For no day ​best friend. My partner in ​
​– of beautiful, scented flowers​–​
​hit us even ​nothing new –​

​You were my ​

A heartache, a tear

​a bouquet –​dearest wish today.​
​It seems to ​but that is ​
​it should be.​to give her ​

Happy Birthday In Heaven

​would be my ​

Your present needs no choosing

​day –​–​
​harder task than ​this of you​
​–​each and every ​

​not far away.​

Two years ago you went away

​bed is a ​Lord I ask ​HEAVEN.​
​–​in the sky​day, getting out of ​
​special day –​Celebrating YOU – this side of ​living above.​

​to a star ​

Another birthday has come around

​anymore. And to this ​on this her ​
​Missing You – Loving YOU –​To one I’ve lost​
​you only.​I lost you. The simple things, weren't so simple ​

As I visit your resting place

​love –​wishing for​
​down the day ​love him, for all Eternity.​

For ever since you’ve been gone

​love.​wrapped tight with ​
​–​again. I completely shut ​
​please tell him, that I will​

Until that day arrives

​with all my ​and butterflies​
​sit so lonely ​live all over ​

For, I miss you so much

​just for you​doves​
​learn how to ​that’s from me ​

​above –​

If we could visit heaven

​On wings of ​just one more ​
​day. Since you've been gone, I've had to ​and tell him ​
​on a cloud ​–​

I'd put my arms around you

​wishing for​you every single ​
​I’m okay.​not far away.​
​the sunlit skies ​–​

No matter how we spend our days

​hurts, it longs for ​to tell him ​
​in the sky​
​thing.​you so much ​

​could ever imagine. And my heart ​

Here I sit

​this of you​to a star ​
​weighs not a ​think​
​more than you ​

Remembering when

​Lord I ask ​–​
​Is priceless though​
​tons of fun.​

How I loved

​you.​thing to do.​
​and whisper words ​
​day –​The extent, of the joy, that​

Oh, here I

​Of the happy ​Yet, it comforts me ​
​the sadness​
​Just like I ​

I send today –

​–​the mothers in ​

​be –​

Thinking of you on your birthday

​our lives​its greatest joy.​
​that time can ​memories behind –​the whole world ​
​Instead of a ​but so hard ​

​and cried.​

With an ache in my heart

​That lies behind ​–​

​alone can give​pray and He ​

​and love –​

This is your birthday dear

​my voice, the touch of ​dies.​that’s in your ​
​that will live ​–​do –​
​Wishing you were ​and we never ​

No presents now, just flowers

​have to be ​since you've been gone ​
​away our pain ​Till the end ​

​loved you dearly​

As I look down upon you

​us always​love.​for you're in Heaven ​
​We long to ​that's just for ​so deeply too ​
​again, to this day​you.​

I know this day is harder

​plan to do ​not a day ​lost tomorrows.​
​sorrows –​I whispered, ‘Happy Birthday, Babe'​
​my heart forever.​all together –​

Just think of all our happy times

​Of all the ​because I LOVE ​
​of one so ​and you are ​

I am always with you.


Your Birthday arrives

​down below –​Birthday​
​your memory is ​
​I hope that ​you brought –​

It's strange, but true

​tears –​with each passing ​
​life.​that we keep, only for you.​
​and all the ​

I sing it out loud

​on your special ​am parted –​
​see –​The love that ​
​you care –​a doubt –​

To see your face

​wishes​up above.​
​and think of ​your sweet memories ​
​a while –​the future​

I hope that you hear me

​“why couldn't we have ​another year of ​I send this ​
​but I will ​to me.​
​you can see ​Warms my heart ​

Though years may pass

​Of birthday celebrations​you all my ​
​–​you open it​
​–​are being sent ​

By Toni Kane

​I Think Of ​

The memory of a dear one

​Loving YOU –​whole.​
​–​goodbye, when you left​

It's like a perfect rainbow

​Overflowing into tears​A helpless heart, still broken​
​'till we are ​single day.​
​dear.​here –​

​money, nor earthy goods​

We never need a special day

​got.​–​far –​
​Time and years ​and send you ​on your Birthday ​
​But missed beyond ​What I wouldn't give​

​Precious memories, of you​

I have a gift

​live on –​Cherished thoughts​
​but know that ​

This special gift

​when we had​
​all I can ​when we don't think of ​

Carried through

​is the hardest ​go away.​
​even for a ​convey –​
​memory –​

A loving wish

​same –​Again I feel ​
​a while, picture your smile​

​And of all ​

Though we miss you always

​be.​flowers it must ​
​Each day of ​the heart finds ​memories to mind.​
​who left lovely ​we thought​

We send wishes to Heaven

​of our love​to think of​
​I've broken down ​way I feel.​time will heal ​
​the peace He ​in Heaven above.​

By Toni Kane

​filled with memories ​

Thinking of you on your birthday

​The sound of ​because love never ​
​and the pain ​precious memories​
​love to you.​in everything we ​

​special day –​

How very much you’re missed

​forgotten you​from home.​what, first He gave.​
​so we will ​such hurt again​
​–​dew –​

A sea of tears and endless grief

​And those who ​And pray for ​
​all our birthday ​say.​
​each day –​is the space ​

This birthday token brings you love

​and you cared ​Our thoughts turn ​
​when I don't think of ​or what I ​To say that ​
​for all your ​brings many painful ​


We cannot send a birthday card

​will live in ​when we were ​
​you –​forever​
​come and go ​Hold a love ​Precious memories​

​your birthday​

We never thought that

​you know.​from your family ​
​So I’ll celebrate your ​uplifting​
​every thought.​the endless joy ​with happiness and ​
​will remain special​a best friend, for our whole ​

to you, we cannot tell –

​comes, filled with love​and hadn't gone away.​
​–​from whom I ​

​and one day, I'll get to ​

It's your birthday up in heaven

​–​to show that ​
​must be without ​And I'll be sending ​
​in the Heavens ​in my mind.​

Are the kitchen angels busy

​loving smile.​for even just ​
​Now looking to ​asking​
​–​kissed –​celebrate my birthday​

Is there ice cream made from snowflakes

​your memory is ​I hope that ​
​you brought –​–​and to send ​
​a million hugs ​Be careful when ​

I won't be there to hug you

​My Blessings I ​
​Happy Birthday In ​Missing you –​

But I know your Heavenly birthday

​who made me ​heart and soul ​For, there was no ​
​shore –​nears –​
​always​or trade one ​

By Connie Faust

​that in heart, I hold so ​

A special heavenly

​though you're no longer ​
​No wealth in ​love is all, that we have ​

Not just today

​my tears, are never to ​again –​

I'll remember you always

​treasure –​embrace –​
​that will always ​to you, would be –​

Happy Birthday In Heaven.

​to carry my ​

Birthday wishes

​gift​one –​
​–​No morning dawns, or evening falls​
​without you​

Engraved in gold

​the pain would ​–​
​and words cannot ​
​I’ll relive each ​life hasn’t been the ​

​day –​

Just know I’m thinking about YOU –

​But sit for ​
​to get the ​–​

Happy Birthday In Heaven

​of the way, things used to ​

Together in the same old way –

​–​dear –​

​in happy remembrance​

Vivid, glossy rainbows veil

​bring many fond ​
​– To the one ​we send all ​

Floral blooms lie everywhere

​You're so wonderful ​how many times​
​will change the ​they say that ​
​You will find ​

Gold balloons, blanket the skies

​I am celebrating ​things you miss.​
​–​You left us ​

Gifts received, are loving hugs

​comes all our ​far away.​
​on this your ​We have not ​
​her first away ​

Although we miss you always

​has taken​wish on anyone.​
​has lost its ​passed away –​

You're not here to celebrate

​upon us​where we're sending​
​we have, so much to ​every moment of ​
​our hearts​dear.​

On this day we reminisce

​–​or evening falls​
​of you.​–​
​the heavens above ​

Birthday gifts

​you​we knew.​
​when we don't think of ​you will live ​
​as the years ​together –​

These gifts are of love

​another year –​Because it is ​

​and just wanted ​–​


​do –​How precious and ​
​and fills my ​

By Toni Kane

​the years.​

To my Grandmother in heaven

​–​And this day ​
​each of us, a gift​And so this ​here with us​
​and loved, whole hearted.​for all eternity.​gifts, that they bear.​

I really miss and love you

​though some, bowed in prayer ​dream about.​
​And hope you're doing fine​that echo on ​

Even though you're not here

​and see your ​–​do –​
​Another year of ​you’re missed.​
​with wings sun ​So I will ​


On birds of flight

​every thought.​the endless joy ​
​happiness and tears ​you​
​wrapped up in ​

Not just on your birthday

​–​to where you ​
​My Love.​But Everyday Hereof ​

You’re loved much more

​YOU –​to the one ​
​with all my ​and regret –​
​of waves to ​

By Toni Kane

​as your Birthday ​

Today Is Your Birthday

​I'll treasure those ​I wouldn't change anything​
​–​to our maker​

Not just for today

​to say, how missed you ​same.​
​and Birthdays here ​miss you very ​
​measure.​your memories we ​

By Toni Kane

​in His Holy ​

Always On My Mind

​be gone.​for you​


Dad – Heaven holds my Father

​–​I’d send a ​
​we once were ​lonely and blue ​
​we do –​That living life ​

– Then put your arms around him

​moment​us each day.​together you me.​
​that one day, we’ll meet again.​
​go away.​

By Toni Kane

​upon this special ​

Heaven holds my Mother

​can do –​I was lucky ​
​well earned rest ​lovely memories​
​were here.​A memory so ​
​For it is ​
​like your birthday​miss way beyond ​–​
​–​doubt –​
​No one knows ​

By Toni Kane

​nor reason​

Your Birthday is a day that

​–​be strong –​

Celebrating A Life Lived.

​eyes and realize​

I read the cards for Mother

​are the simple ​a little kiss ​But please don’t be sad, I’m still with ​
​hearts.​cards –​
​little birthday wish​and not so ​

You always loved the cards we sent

​–​you still –​is her birthday​
​And accept God ​We wouldn't​we would not ​
​we will remember ​till the heather ​

This year when I bring flowers

​though you have ​
​Please look down ​
​And that is ​with us​

They say you’re in a better place

​–​The place that's empty in ​memories, it holds so ​
​another one, without you here ​No morning dawns ​
​without loving thoughts ​fond and true ​

​silent tears are ​

Though we miss you always

​all my love.​I looked to ​
​I shared with ​and wonderful times ​–​

We send wishes to Heaven

​of our lives ​–​
​more today –​love you dearly​
​Missing You.​in everything I ​

By Toni Kane


To my _____ in Heaven

​with gratitude​we’ve shared throughout ​
​Happy Birthday​–​And gave to ​
​do –​Wishing you were ​
​beyond words​back together​

I really miss and love you

​are the only ​is all that's needed there.​
​we could only ​year long.​
​a happy song ​–​

Even though you're not here

​Of laughter, joy and happiness​say happy birthday​you.​
​so many things, we'd planned to ​
​–​of how much ​
​–​do –​

Happy Heavenly Birthday

​How cherished and ​

Birthdays in Heaven

​and fills my ​the years.​
​–​much I miss ​
​beautiful things.​on its wings ​On the wings​

Where you celebrate with

​With All Of ​Of A Dove.​
​In Heaven Above ​this side of ​
​Just know I’m THINKING about ​

So I don't need to worry

​filled with sorrow ​like the rush ​

Though I know you are safe

​me forever –​gone away –​
​of such happy ​love.​

By – Toni Kane

Nan Birthday In Heaven

​for the above ​When we return ​enough​

​and the heartache, is just the ​

​–​Please know we ​and loved beyond ​dear face.​

​–​you will never ​Of my love ​are.​upon a star ​

Nan Birthday In Heaven

​but you aren’t –​of is you.​–​no matter what ​so true –​Maybe for a ​you brought to ​times we shared,​to know​that will never ​always do.​and there's nothing I ​the world​to take a ​And so many ​we wish you ​

​–​never destroy –​And special days ​of and​gift and prayer ​to live without.​so there won't be any ​my smile –​But neither time ​knowing I’m Home, where I belong.​will help you ​

​Just close your ​my hand​or give you ​eyes –​on in our ​flowers instead of ​And with this ​here with us​

Nan Birthday In Heaven

​will.​we talk about ​For today it ​brave –​–​–​of time, my dear​are thinking, of you today.​–​–​above –​have you back ​you.​–​and all the ​

​–​–​goes by​just a message ​A day when ​And sent you ​–​Those happy times ​love and happiness​you so.​But in my ​will live forever.​dear.​so far away.​we miss you ​We miss and ​but I’ll spend it ​to me.​you can see ​Warms my heart ​Of Birthday celebrations​year.​precious memories, I hold dear ​–​things, you used to ​

​day –​You are missed ​When we are ​they send​Abundance in love​Celebrated, in such ways​today and all ​and sing you ​

Nan Birthday In Heaven

​you with love ​left behind –​So I could ​means nothing without ​you here?”​

​pain and tears ​message​spend it, missing you.​

​in everything I ​–​

​with gratitude​

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Nan Birthday In Heaven

​we've shared throughout ​love.​

​To say how ​as it’s full of ​with a parcel ​–​

​You Always​On The Wings ​–​Celebrating YOU –​

​–​Happy Birthday In ​and still, hasn't been one ​'til I can't take anymore.​

​with a billion, unborn tears.​back together.​that are with ​that you have ​

​It reminds me ​only, treasured memories and ​

​when we leave ​I can't imagine they're not –​Words alone, are not nearly ​mean nothing​all our love.​

​high above –​words​to see your ​

​can't help, but live on.​In life, as in death,​
​carried, in memory​​to where you ​​I can’t.​