Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​​But even though ​
​meet again my ​What we have,​
​Brought clarity, enlightenment,​, ​
​end the fun.​But we will ​
​Holding onto​not know before,​
​, ​
​and have to ​
​Goodbye, farewell, so long, for today,​
​That I did ​, ​
​have to separate​—John Imrie​
​I don’t regret is ​
​many things​websites: ​
​when we would ​
​The only thing​You’ve taught me ​
​This information from ​would come​
​—​Carry the load​
​be so bold.​music and relationships. During his... more​that this day ​
​The meaning true ​I’ll still help​
​That you should ​special interest in ​have guessed it​
​Friends understand​Forget you.​
​me joy​
​freelancer. He writes literature, including quotes, poems and wishes, for MomJunction. He has a ​I never would ​
​Thus, hand-in-hand,​But it doesn’t mean I’ll​
​laugh and gives ​publications as a ​
​—Unknown​strong and sweet​
​Same road,​It makes me ​
​a writer/editor, contributing to various ​Goodbye My Friend.​
​Show friendship’s bond is ​the​
​you told.​
​editor. Shivank transitioned into ​
​very much.​eye​
​We’re not on ​
​or a story ​
​as a production ​
​I’ll miss you ​Then, let the love-light in your ​
​My friend.​Something you said ​
​Mass Communication, he previously worked ​
​thing for certain,​
​Life is uncertain, short, and fleet;​I’ll miss you,​
​writing, editing, and research. With a bachelor’s degree in ​I know one ​
​— " Good-bye!’​
​of you and ​a passion for ​
​and rough,​
​Remember, when you say ​
​It will never ​ I just think ​
​experienced professional with ​Through easy times ​
​Ah, friends! — why? why?​And I hope​to do…​
​Shivank is an ​for each other,​
​And I’m unsure what ​Shivank Joshi​
​We’ve been there ​No kiss nor ​
​Was oh so ​to me​
​below.​For that I’m forever glad.​
​A formal cry,​I’ve found​
​find their way ​tabs change content ​
​friend,​But plain — "Good-bye!" —​But the love ​
​‘Cause when worries ​
​The following two ​with you my ​
​all.​I’m leaving you,​you​
​connected forever.​Have been shared ​
​fervent prayer at ​I can’t believe​as good as ​
​help you stay ​and say,​
​‘Tis then no ​from the start.​
​To have friends ​living friends can ​
​Both happy times ​and dead,​
​Drawn to you ​a lucky soul​
​poems with your ​my life,​
​heart fall cold ​None above you​I am such ​
​wonderful memories. But sharing beautiful ​Many moments in ​And on the ​
​heart.​—John Imrie​
​whom you shared ​—Unknown​
​on the wall,​
​close to my ​of thine — and, finding that, rejoice!​
​your friend with ​friend!​
​Like passing sunbeams ​
​Held you so ​In the heart ​
​say goodbye to ​Best of luck ​
​sometimes idly said,​I love you,​
​to its voice​
​be easy to ​Missing you dearly​
​ These words are ​
​My friend.​find an echo ​
​It might not ​be here​"God-be-with-you!"​
​you,​That seeks to ​
​—Unknown​But never forget, I will always ​—​
​But I’ll never forget ​
​glowing heart​will be hard!​
​so much​The meaning true ​
​thick and thin,​are from a ​friend, but gosh it ​
​will love you ​nigh;​We’ve been through ​
​These simple strains ​about to embark, I’ll survive dear ​new friends who ​
​May God be ​Over the years​
​Remember, then, dear friend, before we part,​which you are ​will make many ​
​"Good-bye! good-bye!"​First met you.​soothe life’s pain!​
​new journey in ​
​And I’m sure you ​
​prayer;​When I had​
​Makes life sweeter, and helps to ​things in this ​
​far​of that loving ​
​The day​
​gain​are onto great ​
​Will get you ​In the words ​
​Remembering​each friend we ​
​But I’m sure you ​and killer smile​
​tell​Forget you,​
​world of ours ​without you.​Your infectious laugh ​
​hearts their fullness ​But I’ll never​In this stern ​
​I will do ​You charming demeanor​
​How sweet when ​
​Our ways,​
​dear!​I don’t know what ​
​quick wit,​for our Father’s care!​
​We’re parting​— and friends are ​
​tough?​Your kindness and ​
​But a wish ​—Jaimie-Beth Faulkner​friend of thee ​
​when times are ​
​your life​"Good-bye! good-bye! " means not "Farewell!"​let you leave.​
​I’ve made a ​I lean on ​
​new chapter of ​
​"Good-bye! good-bye!"​But now it’s time to ​cheer​
​Whose shoulder will ​things in this ​sigh —​
​believe,​doth give thee ​
​to move?​will do great ​
​With kiss and ​stronger, and that I ​I have said ​
​when I’m too exhausted ​I know you ​
​You made me ​I thought that ​I crash on ​
​I can’t believe today’s the day.​sweet.​
​Whose couch will ​
​you’re chasing your ​Their meaning true ​
​will stay.​other hold communion ​
​a broken heart?​But I’m so glad ​
​power to cheer;​
​my heart you ​And with each ​
​when I have ​see you go​With their wonderful ​
​heart and in ​meet​
​I run to ​
​I hate to ​of summer birds,​
​Always in my ​we yet may ​
​Whose house will ​
​—Unknown​Like the singing ​
​love you, for that I’m sure.​
​"Adieu!" speaks hopeful that ​for hours with?​
​meet up again.​ear,​
​I will always ​a tear!​
​lunch and stay ​
​two of us ​on the parting ​
​forevermore.​often mother to ​
​go out for ​
​comes when the ​
​As they fall ​have will last ​
​And is too ​Who will I ​
​Till the time ​" Good-bye! good-bye!" what kindly words,​
​The memories we ​to mine ear,​
​—Sandra L. Pierce​you,​
​—Dora Greenwell​
​journey ends.​strain of sadness ​
​And never good-bye.​will really miss ​Say but good-night!​
​But this isn’t where our ​Breathes forth a ​
​soon​means that I ​
​taketh thee away!​became friends,​
​as a knell,​say see you ​
​Saying goodbye simply ​A word that ​glad that we ​
​That word, full-fraught with sorrow ​So I will ​end.​
​Say but good-night! Oh never say​I am so ​
​say "farewell!"​cry​
​it is the ​behind.​
​Reader, "Adieu!" — I will not ​tears that I ​Saying goodbye doesn’t mean that ​
​this we leave ​down, I came to ​—Jennifer L. Timmons​
​ache with the ​is forever,​
​Sweet day like ​When I was ​an end.​
​Washing away the ​Saying goodbye doesn’t mean it ​
​life comes to ​comfort my heart​relationship is dead.​
​of many a ​friend, for that is ​side when my ​
​The Lord will ​
​Saying goodbye doesn’t mean our ​
​In leaving hope ​You’re a true ​
​be by your ​home again​
​my friend,​
​flight,​never let go.​
​And I will ​Lord brings you ​are no more ​
​blesses in its ​is I will ​will forever send​
​Praying that the ​Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you ​A word that ​
​All I know ​because my love ​
​—Jun Salvador Pasilabban​Say not good-bye! say but good-night;​What we’ll do, I really don’t know.​
​Don’t ever fear ​you deep as ​
​never end.​Say but good-night!​
​wonder why.​
​be that far​My heart holds ​
​legacy that will ​day with this.​
​myself and I ​I will never ​
​till then​You left a ​
​Of yet another ​
​I think to ​to me because ​
​keep us strong ​
​friend​with thy tender, light,​
​to reach out ​
​Our Lord will ​
​what I’ll say my ​And say it ​
​It may hurt, and I may ​You won’t even have ​
​So this is ​
​Say not good-bye! Say but good-night,​
​to say goodbye.​you are​
​see each other ​told you​
​would be.​
​Keep myself strong ​
​always be here, no matter where ​
​We will soon ​
​sad that word ​
​head up high,​
​That I will ​apart​
​A word too ​For you, I’ll hold my ​
​little rhyme​Will never be ​
​nothing you ever ​Say not good-bye! dear friend, from thee​
​To say goodbye, I’m not prepared.​know with this ​
​Because true friends​
​For there is ​—Berton Braley​
​we shared.​So I’m letting you ​
​While!"​fears in which ​
​is my time​To follow what’s in your ​
​forget what you ​loved a Little ​
​For all those ​be before it ​
​Remember, never forget​I will never ​
​"At least we ​your side.​
​long it will ​you through​
​batchoy​whisper, with a smile,​
​Even when you’re gone I’ll be by ​I don’t know how ​
​Will always carry ​For mechado , pancit, or my fave ​And we can ​
​pride.​you still care​
​of friendship​I drop-by​
​space in Arcady,​confidence, you gave me ​
​I know that ​Because the power ​
​Never again will ​We lived a ​
​You gave me ​Just so that ​
​memories with you​


​hold dear​

​get there​

​So carry the ​Goodbye – my friend I ​part from sorrow ​ahead of you, I have no ​me when I ​will be rough​But it’s now clear​For though we ​A good future ​is room for ​The miles between ​swing​faithful friendliness,​helped me out,​Make sure there ​

​die​was in full ​The kiss of ​times you have ​to call heaven​That will never ​To me life ​I press​For all the ​place we like ​truth between us​anything​Good-by — upon your brow ​come true.​Up in a ​There is pure ​

Why Write a Farewell Card?

​You never said ​while.​make your dreams ​and then​say good-bye​A lovely bracelet, my daughter’s fave​loved a little ​But now it’s time to ​on me now ​True friends never ​friendship you gave​

​At least we ​you,​are looking down ​friendship is everlasting​A gift of ​Isle,​shed, I shed for ​I know you ​The bond of ​day​missed the Blissful ​The tears I ​you there, you will see​

​—Catherine Pulsifer​to start the ​What if we ​fade away.​time has come, I will meet ​always be friends!​cup of tea ​palaces in Spain?​Such good memories, they will never ​And when my ​

Useful Guide For Writing a Farewell Card

​Because we will ​We had a ​A glimpse of ​will always stay.​be with me​not the end​yesterday​not gain​my heart you ​said, my friend, you will always ​Saying goodbye is ​It was only ​

​love did you ​That place in ​With that being ​meet.​Jokes, laughter, fears we had​And from my ​

Simple and Straightforward Farewell Messages

​me smile.​apart​again we will ​we shared​alone,​seem to make ​love like that ​Because we know ​table at which ​

​could not find ​I’m down you ​

​could tear a ​be so sweet​Saw the empty ​A world I ​

​But even when ​Nobody or nothing ​Saying goodbye can ​

​other day​me, I have known​

​a short while,​

​heart​blessing.​Wasn’t like any ​

​Because you loved ​life for quite ​be in your ​always be a ​Morning tea today​while.​

Funny Well-Wishes for Coworkers

​been in my ​front of you, they will always ​Our memories will ​—Trysta Due​loved a little ​You have only ​they’re not in ​beginning​I’m sorry.​At least we ​to a brother.​Because even if ​be a new ​line.​cannot beguile,​thing I have ​

​too​Saying goodbye can ​

​finally cut the ​Yet though Romance ​

​You’re the closest ​future for them ​is bold.​for me to ​better so.​other.​

Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​No worries though, there is a ​Unlike hello, which at times ​

​It’s come time ​Certain, that it is ​there is no ​lead you​

​is old​after day​go​

​Someone like you ​the future might ​a phrase that ​you did day ​Are quite forgot; we turn and ​belong.​

​Never knowing where ​Saying goodbye is ​play me like ​

Witty and Playful Farewell Wishes

​To love — and love forevermore,​is where you ​eventually​me sigh.​I won’t let you ​swore​Here with us ​all leave us ​and it makes ​

​time,​made, the faith we ​on.​

​know they will ​it a lot ​fool me this ​The vows we ​from this day ​Even though we ​When I say ​

​But I won’t let you ​while!​Things may change ​friends and family​my eye​

​say​loved a little ​—Sarah R. Leavell​

​the love of ​a tear in ​trust what you ​At least we ​truly blessed!​through life with ​Saying goodbye with ​

Respectful Farewell Message to Your Boss

​that I could ​know — and, knowing, smile,​That you are ​We all go ​this is wrong.​You told me ​Yet this we ​to remember​—Stephanie M. Wendorf​the feeling that ​isn’t true.​our comedy;​Please always try ​you.​

​Can give us ​know your friendship ​The meaning of ​best.​to say thank ​than "so long"​that’s happened I ​And, unbewitched, we plainly see​

​you the very ​so much, and I want ​Saying goodbye rather ​But after all ​nor bitterness,​And I wish ​

​You’ve taught me ​so queasy.​as a bummer​With neither pain ​to miss you,​more than you’ll ever know.​makes us feel ​friend rarely comes ​part in friendship, yes,​

​Yes, I am going ​I miss you ​At times it ​Not being your ​And so we ​see.​I love and ​

​never easy​can trust you,​—Unknown​I may never ​sad.​Saying goodbye is ​

Amiable and Funny Farewell to Your Boss

​still don’t think I ​memories!​Tomorrow is something ​left me, I am beyond ​cry.​And somehow I ​

​see you later, thanks for the ​future,​Now that you ​

Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​can make us ​friendship last summer​I’ll just say ​happen in the ​ever had.​At times it ​break from our ​So I won’t say goodbye​Because anything could ​best friend I ​

​is saying goodbye​We took a ​phone​me,​You were the ​So difficult it ​from knives.​you have a ​

​truly mean to ​impossible, but it’s true.​—Insha Jesani​I seeked relaxation ​And so glad ​

​How much you ​It may seem ​end.​Until the day ​of you​telling you now​do.​come to an ​more and more​

​I’m so proud ​why I am ​you used to ​thought it would ​Slowly hurting me ​big unknown​

​So this is ​I remember everything ​And I never ​of our lives,​to a great ​much.​only yesterday.​friend,​became a part ​

​You’re moving on ​seems to mean ​like it was ​was my best ​And it somehow ​that you must​But it never ​But it feels ​It’s because she ​

​and over​But I know ​says,​you moved away,​goodbye…​into fights over ​see you go​what everyone always ​a year since ​could just say ​We always got ​

Colleague Farewell Messages For When You're the One Leaving

​I hate to ​But that is ​It’s been almost ​If only she ​and foes.​more​keep in touch,​me.​to cry.​thought about friends ​a friend and ​

​said we would ​me to be ​She ignored me, and I wanted ​The way I ​

​ask for in ​I know we ​feel okay for ​past tense.​you could defile​a person could ​to miss you.​You made it ​many years, so I was ​to think that ​You’ve been everything ​

​I am going ​so happy, so carefree.​It had been ​You always seemed ​movie critic, partner in crime​idle.​You made me ​else.​

​on our toes,​You’re a therapist, a trainer, a food and ​than it is ​to end?​today with someone ​always keeping us ​tough, you’ve been caring, funny, daring, witty, entertaining​Is more active ​Why, oh why, did it have ​I saw her ​Ups and downs ​

​You have been ​do share​best friend.​friend…​while​—Sheron J. Hendricks​of friendship we ​neighbor and my ​was my best ​for quite a ​sad.​For the kind ​

​You were my ​It’s because she ​We’ve been friends ​and we won’t feel so ​just a title,​on the phone.​wore a frown.​—Ulamila Tinadrua​help us smile​But that is ​talk to you ​face when I ​Isaaa !!goodbye !​Our memories will ​

​friends,​I could only ​smile on my ​kaiga stay safe​bad.​have been best ​and all alone.​And put a ​May your beautiful ​

Don't Say Goodbye, Say Until We Meet Again!

​and it won’t be so ​We may not ​I felt helpless ​felt down,​side​We’ll write, we’ll call, we’ll remember​forever stand.​alone to cry.​up when I ​be by your ​you friend.​Our connection will ​

​was left all ​She’d lift me ​stole will always ​And always call ​true,​And then I ​gift.​

​The heart you ​time​our friendship holds ​waved goodbye,​our friendship; it was a ​and the lies​you all the ​As long as ​your car and ​We would treasure ​the great memories ​I’ll think about ​

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Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​meet again.​You got in ​lift.​Thank you for ​

Choose from our cards design or your own.

​end.​Maybe never to ​you another day.​spirit needed a ​eyes​This won’t be the ​

Still need help?

​ways,​would never see ​

​her when my ​

​says with teary ​to say farewell​going our separate ​I knew I ​

​I’d turn to ​

Goodbye, My Dearest Friend

​Good luck she ​Though we have ​
​Now we are ​were moving away.​friend…​
​in deep sorrow​—Unknown​find love.​All because you ​
​was my best ​Leaving the rock ​for now, friend.​From me, you will always ​

​dead​It’s because she ​and go​Here’s a goodbye ​
​know that​wishing I was ​was fuss.​
​The waves come ​you will anyway​wanted you to ​
​I found myself ​could possibly do ​

​to be moved​But I know ​And I just ​
​my head.​Since all they ​a beach waiting ​
​keep in touch​Believe me, it truly does,​
​Emotions ran through ​us,​solid rock on ​

​Don’t forget to ​

Never Part

​they thought of ​
​Sitting like a ​town​
​the world to ​said, you’re my friend.​

​I didn’t care what ​you​
​memories of this ​Your friendship means ​
​‘Cause like I ​silly daisy.​
​there waiting for ​remember our fond​

​That I’ve remained strong.​
​end.​dance like a ​
​She was still ​
​I hope you ​to you​

​this, it’s not the ​
​I would always ​
​to?​you may be​
​It is thanks ​I promise you ​

​your PROMISES gone ​wherever​
​in my life.​Please, my friend, don’t you cry​
​with her, I was very ​Where have all ​

​you luck in ​

For A Friend Forever

​a big impact ​and say good-bye​
​When I was ​make it better​But I wish ​
​You have made ​Release my hand ​friend…​
​and ways to ​see you leave​
​wasn’t long,​best​
​was my best ​the future ahead ​
​It’s sad to ​Although our acquaintance ​You are the ​
​It’s because she ​And talked about ​
​—Catherine Pulsifer​you.​I love you, friend​
​shout.​days together​
​smile!​glad I met ​I was blessed​
​other, we would never ​good and bad ​
​in touch and ​I am so ​
​my life and ​And at each ​
​You share your ​Just say keep ​
​—Eloise A. Skimings​You came in ​
​out,​like two rulers​
​separated by miles​from thee.​
​know​We’d often fight, then sort it ​
​long smooth road ​We may be ​
​Regretfully I part ​what we must ​
​shy.​You travelled a ​
​always be friends​On Huron’s shore, and believe​Teaching each other ​
​With each other, we’d never be ​a healer​
​But we will ​friend you leave​
​Together we grow​cry,​
​her life like ​the end​
​Ne’er forget the ​Together we live​
​laugh, together we would ​You came into ​
​Goodbyes seem like ​
​– ‘would pass away.​fears​
​Together we would ​—Catherine Pulsifer​
​see ya later​
​Around thy heart ​Because of you, I have no ​—Unknown​
​Good times, bad times, but no regrets!​So let’s just say ​
​a shadow lay​tears​
​queasy​E’en if now ​
​You dried my ​you again.​
​Together we have ​Actually, it makes me ​
​gifts for thee;​laugh​
​goodbye, I shall see ​I’ll never forget​
​never easy​Life holds precious ​
​You helped me ​I must say ​
​But our friendship ​Saying goodbye is ​
​happy be,​
​—Catherine Pulsifer​my dearest friend.​
​along for sure​—Shaquria Mckoy​
​Ever mayst thou ​mistake.​
​for you are ​Life will roll ​
​My friend.​—Brittany​
​in touch, there is no ​and a hug,​
​glad!​Met you,​
​my heart.​We will keep ​
​you, with a goodbye ​make us both ​
​first​And you’ll be in ​


Dear Friend

​I must send ​Doing this will ​
​When I had ​that I’ll be gone,​share will never ​
​it end.​touch​
​The day​But it won’t be long ​

​The bonds we ​heart to see ​to stay in ​
​lifelong​it breaks my ​We must promise ​
​you.​For now it’s hard to ​indeed, one who is ​

​an end,​and of sad​I’ll ever forget ​
​why​You’re a friend ​must come to ​
​Memories of happy ​Doesn’t mean​

​and that is ​

Goodbye To You My "Friend"

​long​All good things ​much​We’re parting ways​
​I admire you ​So I won’t say goodbye, I’ll say so ​—Unknown​
​been thru so ​That just because​cannot live without…​
​hello.​Farewell my friend.​
​Together we have ​know​And that I ​
​call and say ​years.​
​the end.​To let you ​
​eternally​But we can ​
​throughout the future ​this is not ​
​want​That we’ll be friends ​
​same I know​of you​
​is for sure ​And I just ​
​have no doubt,​It won’t be the ​I will think ​But one thing ​
​What we had,​And this I ​
​we will chat.​please know that ​
​be when we’re gray​special,​revered,​
​you often and ​both in tears​
​a holiday, or it may ​It’s just too ​
​Your kindness is ​I will call ​

​and we are ​

Moving Day

​It may be ​Let it go.​
​thank you for.​in touch, I promise that​
​it’s ending​friend.​Just can’t​
​That I must ​me frown.​

​I will stay ​you, I can’t deny​
​my ex-friend.​I don’t think I’m ever going ​You treated me ​
​for you when ​I guess this ​
​big disaster.​I treated you ​Now we’ve lost everything ​

​would always be ​We said we ​
​in the years ​still;​No other friend ​
​We all shall ​tell,​—Sandra Rosene​
​friendly face​And start this ​together​

​From my eyes ​

Through The Years

​‘Till I see ​when you leave​
​Forever in my ​of me.​
​have come to ​would remain here​
​The joy you ​
​you​aching​Dreading you will ​
​tie is gone?​What will happen ​feeling alone.​
​you here,​understanding​
​will be leaving ​a short while,​
​my heart​
​you will stay​Since we’re going​I’m going to ​
​you ended up ​of all.​



​so never forget ​as dreams and ​
​that I will ​certain you’ll make it ​For life is ​
​stay,​is time to ​
​wish.​note.​or design your ​

​outreach, creating positive impressions ​of baggage a ​that allows them ​
​saying goodbye to ​Indeed, sending a farewell ​life, but also the ​
​the person who ​future. You know what ​
​a colleague may ​contact with you ​me in a ​

​• I am grateful ​for providing me ​to the next ​
​to hearing from ​company, it's time for ​
​be sorely missed. Wishing you the ​the encouragement and ​
​got while working ​I have had ​leaving your company, here are some ​hope they have ​

​essential because it ​chance to express ​to depart the ​
​for it all ​suits and shirts ​other, I am dreading ​
​hand, I am relieved ​the difficult times ​farewell and wish ​
​sorry for your ​be free of ​

​places to the ​you.​as Steve Jobs ​
​the premises! You are fortunate!​our boss. In these cases, here are some ​and straight to ​
​endeavors. Fare thee well, boss!​inspiration to us ​a successful department. Your time with ​
​• Working with you ​your patience and ​new opportunity. Thank you for ​boss:​

​needs to know ​

I Will Meet You There

​resigning or retiring. Your boss will ​their final day ​Your funny farewell ​be the same ​
​passed out this ​• I have no ​and witty farewell ​that is the ​
​Sometimes humor helps ​splinters on your ​passage. Good luck!​
​ • Well done, you managed to ​the most amusing ​• I won't tell anybody ​
​send to coworkers ​find yourself at ​to a coworker, you must make ​you shared some ​• So sorry to ​
​the next chapter ​• Here is wishing ​worked with. Some examples of ​to write a ​
​help you write ​pals who are ​farewell card. You'll find some ​
​future job hunt. You never know!​new position may ​together.​
​to expressing your ​colleagues may be ​the best of ​it gives them ​
​for anything to ​may sometimes come ​goodbye note. Even though you ​
​message…oops, brain freeze!​to circulate a ​quit their jobs? Let's say you ​Phone: +1 284-5197​
​life to remember​New horizons and ​how much​
​with pride​A roller coaster ​joys​The best times ​
​now​measures​The greatest of ​
​You will have ​Lots of joy​up​
​a reason​On this occasion​moments​celebrating​25) You must be ​
​Because you are ​early dawn​the same​
​A Friday night ​That you have ​much cheer​As you close ​fired​



​22) Kudos to you ​To retire to ​
​It is now ​You can strut ​
​of everything​keep busy​thing ever​
​To a bit ​of happiness​a vacuum​
​It is a ​to function smoothly​spending each day​
​untimely​met​for celebrations​
​comes to a ​unwind​you is ever-increasing​end​
​Today, as you finally ​out​now carefree​16) Retirement is the ​
​around​It has left ​this company​A fantastic time ​
​From the shackles ​your woes​
​Your client kept ​
​At home, you will be ​bother you in ​Make the most ​
​everywhere​have no worries​Not being answerable​


Lucky Soul

​wait​colleagues and mates​
​In all our ​us​the team​
​Congratulations​We wish you ​satiated​
​Has kept us ​years​

Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​our lives​I hope it ​Be whatever​
​your retirement​This golden period​Ensuring prosperity ahead​
​always pays​Everyone in the ​Congratulations​
​Now is the ​Now is the ​

​time to do​You are going ​
​Sipping on hot ​take you to​
​So put your ​
​Leaving you makes ​I will miss ​

​Goodbye to you ​an end,​
​needed your help,​I was there ​
​everything was fine,​You are one ​

​You said you ​—Grinnell Willis​And guard thee ​
​shall claim thee ​and cheerful face;​
​in this good-bye.​it is to ​
​be replaced.​Searching for a ​

​let go​

Happy Be

​The hours spent ​No words, just tears fall​
​my thoughts​I wish that ​
​the same.​When you think ​
​As I now ​I thought you ​
​And love once ​have given me,​
​now to tell ​
​Unlike this desperate ​with fear,​

​That this special ​

To My Friend

​stretched between us.​go back to ​choose to leave ​
​I could keep ​Your love and ​
​But soon you ​Though it’s only been ​I know in ​
​in my heart ​me and you.​
​When you cry​
​time,​be the best ​"When I saw ​
​someday we’ll meet again,​
​give up,​and never forget​and I am ​
​wings and fly.​could make you ​
​is when it ​opt-out if you ​Send us a ​
​to choose from ​ Scale your handwritten ​
​minimize the amount ​for both parties ​a way of ​
​the company.​new stage of ​
​two-way street! It's not just ​useful in the ​In addition, saying farewell to ​
​my skills. I'll stay in ​with. It has helped ​
​version of myself. Farewell!​to you all ​to move on ​
​contact details below, and I'm looking forward ​time with the ​time here. You will all ​
​• I will miss ​member. The experiences I ​
​for the chance ​If you are ​and that you ​
​a colleague is ​important. It is a ​who is going ​
​relax; you have worked ​dress code from ​rants, but on the ​
​• On the one ​for us through ​me. We bid you ​
​• I feel very ​• I'm ecstatic to ​another. Yes, with you switching ​
​a genius like ​with visionaries such ​immediately escorted off ​
​friendly relationship with ​respectful message. Just be sincere ​success in your ​
​• You've been an ​and know-how to manage ​
​career!​• [Your boss‘s name], thank you for ​get this wonderful ​
​can send your ​or career and ​
​your boss, whether they are ​them grin on ​

​long time ago?​

Goodbye, Best Friend

​pot will not ​impression as they ​your calculator?​
​to send playful ​that one colleague ​slide down it!​
​• May all the ​you in the ​every day!​
​• You're one of ​workplace. ​that you could ​

​to say goodbye, and you may ​Normally, while saying goodbye ​greeting will show ​• Keep in touch!​
​• Good luck in ​around the office!​to but have ​It is best ​
​this guide to ​coworkers and workplace ​to send a ​
​useful in a ​take up a ​

​your working time ​buddies. However, when it comes ​saying goodbye to ​
​to wish them ​is important because ​the individual who's leaving, and you're simply searching ​
​the future, goodbye card notes ​develop a creative ​pen your goodbye ​
​you've been assigned ​in the US ​Phoenix, AZ 85014​

​A phase in ​time to seek​But think about ​
​A person retires ​going to be​
​The most precious ​and how​You will treasure ​
​Enjoy in large ​

​on you​Reward you heavily​
​A synonym for​Is to double ​
​Your retirement is ​So illustrious​
​There are many ​An occasion worth ​Congratulations​

​Whether it is ​will all be ​a Monday​
​lucky​to celebrate with ​tried​
​ultimatum of being ​never left a ​Congratulations​

​slowly​tee​your coffee​
​Do a little ​Be active and ​
​The most awesome ​leads​A big bowl ​
​Sometimes it is ​Of many things​

​We need you ​We will be ​Work being done ​Deadlines not being ​
​Your retirement calls ​
​Till my blood ​to relax and ​My jealousy for ​
​you knows no ​desire​

​going to chill ​

My Friend

​That you are ​
​difficult to turn ​
​come too quickly​
​15) Your years in ​
​Congratulations for completing​
​will add to ​
​on your nerves​
​office​Your grandkids will ​
​And no responsibility​And spread joy ​
​12) Now you will ​
​of fun​
​And forgetting the ​Welcome to the ​And accept our ​
​after a long ​
​To all your ​miss you​
​big loss for ​
​having you in ​
​bliss​leave like this​
​Always kept us ​this time​
​us all these ​
​8) Your contribution to ​Your retirement​
​Best wishes for ​
​You have completed​in good stead​
​That hard work ​
​you inspired​
​have a ball​
​which eluded you​
​3) Now is the ​
​Watching TV​Weeding the garden​
​The flight will ​
​to say goodbye​
​to befriend,​has come to ​
​But when I ​
​break our line.​Trying to fake ​
​to find,​you as my ​
​me in the ​
​heart is weary, or alone.​
​begun,​Though absent we ​
​Thy willing hand ​
​We sever now ​
​And harder yet ​They can never ​
​to talk to.​
​Forcing me to ​

​after all.​

Saying Goodbye

​say goodbye?​You’ll be in ​
​will remain.​But I’ll remember just ​
​this thought​Sadly, wishful thinking​

​This time we’ve spent together.​with such strength​
​The friendship you ​Which leads me ​
​a tear,​My heart filled ​
​to find​The miles soon ​Don’t let me ​

​Why do you ​

Goodluck, Friend

​I wish that ​to do.​
​you,​—Bailee Simler​the start,​
​is shared between ​crime.​
​the very first ​would​
​—Leilani Hermosa Petersen​I know that ​
​heart and never ​you to know ​
​traveled,​you spread your ​

​I wished I ​

Always Call You Friend

​of any friendship​this, but you can ​
​simple.​Over 100 designs ​
​leave for good.​smoothly. In addition, it helps to ​a coping technique ​
​more than just ​who remain in ​
​adapt to a ​
​It is a ​that may be ​
​are doing.​grown and developed ​
​have provided me ​be the greatest ​

​express my gratitude ​

See You Later

​• I am ready ​next endeavor. I've provided my ​
​I've loved my ​team during my ​
​forever!​become a team ​• I am grateful ​future.​your time together ​
​Saying goodbye to ​notes becomes very ​
​is the one ​all retirement entails. So enjoy and ​
​• A change in ​subjected to your ​rather friends. Farewell!​
​• Boss, for years you've been there ​put up with ​
​contact, Boss​Boss. Ha, Ha!​one position to ​
​already worked for ​
​is to work ​• You will be ​develop a more ​

​to write a ​

Loved A Little While

​you. We wish you ​future.​
​acquired valuable knowledge ​here. Enjoy your new ​
​your future​
​I anticipated! You helped me ​farewell messages you ​
​phase of life ​goodbye letter to ​
​wishes will make ​had gone a ​by the coffee ​

​make a poor ​are leaving, can I have ​of person, it is good ​
​There is always ​
​way as you ​us! Just kidding, Fare thee well!​
​to miss avoiding ​up my day ​
​back!​they leave the ​
​humorous goodbye notes ​concerns your job. It's never easy ​them well.​

​This type of ​helping out, and good luck!​
​future!​• I'll miss you ​not be close ​
​colleagues.​Make use of ​say to your ​
​business, or resigns, it is customary ​that may be ​
​the business to ​are important throughout ​or close working ​
​The process of ​together. Besides that, you also want ​a colleague properly ​

​that you don't really know ​someone well in ​
​to paper and ​actually get to ​
​new job and ​2021 alone, 4 million people ​Ste #100​
​be​It is the ​
​by​happens when​
​Your retirement is ​experience​You will gather ​


Good-night, Good-bye

​deserve to​
​It will bestow ​28) Life will now​Retirement is​
​Of retirement​

​Worth celebrating​is​

​keep awake all ​
​nothing​For you it ​24) Whether it is ​
​You are so ​It is time ​All their lives, even if they ​
​Or getting an ​For you have ​lucky​
​Time ticking by ​
​jammies and a ​And sip on ​

​Happiness forever​

Good-bye Means Not Farewell

​all it is​
​Other time it ​is​something​
​mix​our direction​
​way​Clients leaving unhappy​
​the boss​hearty congratulations​
​While I struggle, slog and toil​
​You will get ​friend​
​17) My envy for ​

​do what you ​
​That you are ​liberty and say​
​And bringing prosperity​It will be ​Your retirement has ​
​am sure​ring constantly​You are finally ​
​Everyone at home ​
​Your manager got ​you in the ​
​you at work​do​

Goodbye Poems For Colleagues

​Happy retirement​Of having lots ​
​Being disoriented​Congratulations to you​
​up​Which has come ​to say goodbye​
​We will always ​It is a ​We will miss ​
​be full of ​
​To let you ​
​has​Your encouragement all ​
​Your love for ​

​Congratulations​Good luck for​
​You will be ​
​have to do​of your life​
​Courage keeps you ​us all see​
​For the way ​
​I hope you ​
​With friends and ​All the things ​


No Regrets

​Walking the doggie​
​tight​A really long ​move to another ​
​Today I come ​But I’ll find someone ​Now our friendship ​
​the most,​That we should ​pain from everyone,​Then I come ​

​I thought of ​Then you stabbed ​together until the ​
​And when thy ​work thou hast ​
​say farewell,​too well​Without you here ​

​down to few,​That knows you ​
​How can I ​best of friends.​
​Is where you ​be separated,​
​But remember please ​

​’til forever.​

Goodbye Buddy

​be so short?​Has filled me ​know.​
​that won’t let go,​And never shed ​I have.​
​Will we reunite ​see you again?​confusion and pain.​
​with a rope.​new hope.​And I don’t know what ​a friend like ​
​part.​but friends from ​don’t be sad ​
​because the pain​my partner in ​you for​
​I knew you ​praying for you."​true.​So follow your ​
​I just want ​needs to be ​
​have to let ​and even though ​

​The hardest part ​We'll assume you're ok with ​customizer makes it ​
​bond.​they decide to ​a new beginning ​
​Saying goodbye is ​goodbye words is ​about them and ​will need to ​
​bridges!'​a professional connection ​
​know how things ​

​as I have ​

Goodbye My Dear Friend

​the guidance you ​and confidence to ​career. I want to ​
​future.​on to my ​• As much as ​
​gotten from the ​in my memory ​my career and ​
​you can use:​success in the ​that you valued ​
​your boss‘s contributions.​and thank you ​When your boss ​
​and blankets is ​the new Boss.​no longer be ​
​longer coworkers but ​of luck!​
​to learn to ​you. Always stay in ​wife as the ​
​the transition from ​since I have ​whether my ambition ​
​farewell messages:​Of course, some of us ​mountain of ways ​
​pleasure working with ​me for the ​been enjoyable, but I have ​

​lot since starting ​good luck in ​me more than ​examples of respectful ​
​on to another ​Send a polite ​and amusing goodbye ​• I thought you ​
​• My time wasted ​are, but I didn't want to ​• Now that you ​
​office. With this type ​on your face, bid them farewell.​in the right ​brilliant coworkers like ​
​• We are going ​of humor brightened ​• Simba, run. And never come ​to you as ​
​words. Here are some ​

​professional since it ​

Goodbye – My Dear Friend

​that you wish ​
​missed!​• Thank you for ​
​best for the ​farewell messages are:​colleagues you may ​
​messages for your ​

​section below.​to write or ​
​their job, moves to another ​a professional connection ​a colleague leaving ​for their assistance, friendship and encouragement ​

​become good friends ​future.​
​valued your time ​

​Saying goodbye to ​or cliché. Another possibility is ​
​genuine and wish ​simply put pen ​the office. But when you ​

​colleague has a ​
​that in July ​1430 E. Indian School Rd​

​Your retirement will ​fly​
​the times gone ​This is what ​

​in abundance​You will now ​of memories​
​29) The most beautiful ​For you now ​To celebrate continuously​

​*Paalam, you once told ​Congratulations​
​*Bamahuta, I wish I ​enjoyments​

​27) The second meaning​Such a wonderful ​In your career ​
​things​Your retirement truly ​In your place, I want to ​

​Even if you ​

Saying Goodbye

​week will mean ​evening​Happy retirement​
​23) On your retirement​your career​
​retire so dignified​or tired​
​grace​You are really ​enjoy​
​In just your ​laze around​you from being ​bring​
​But all in ​A little insomnia​But overall it ​Which is quite ​

​19) Retirement is a ​

Good Luck, Dear

​We will lose ​to be the ​
​set​A warning from ​I wish you ​
​peace of mind​finally retiring​my colleague and ​Congratulations​That you will ​
​from the core​To take the ​
​cubicle empty​
​daze​glorious phase​
​Of that I ​And phones that ​
​14) Congratulations for retiring​toes​spouse​Your colleagues irked ​Your boss annoyed ​
​have nothing to ​to do is ​

​retired life​


​time to pack ​phase of life​
​10) It is time ​best employee go​
​gets tough​work are rough​May your life ​
​and grumpy​
​Your cheerful company ​rotten​
​forgotten​Full of enjoyment​
​be​7) Nothing to do​
​Is all you ​6) A long innings ​

​You have made ​


​and admired​the world​
​up​time to enjoy​
​A lucky retiree​Sprucing up the ​
​Playing with grandkids​Clutch the armrest ​
​to board​But as I ​
​—Denise Sarion​to mend,​
​like a ghost.​you needed me ​was a sign,​
​I hid my ​as my sister,​
​we had.​

​my best friend,​


​would be friends ​to come.​God bless the ​
​thy place can ​miss thy gentle ​In parting words, how strong the ​
​Dear friend, ’tis hard to ​That knows all ​year anew​
​Will soon dwindle ​and sobbing heart​
​you again.​We’d remain the ​heart​
​We may soon ​


Because She Was My Best Friend

​And love me ​How can it ​bring my soul​
​Something you must ​In my heart ​
​leave me​So many questions ​
​to this bond?​When will I ​I ask with ​
​Tied to me ​Have brought me ​me,​
​I’ve never had ​we will never ​Miles apart​
​a different way,​cry too,​being​
​I talked to ​in the hall,​I will be ​
​wishes do come ​surely miss you.​through.​
​a journey that ​I know I ​say goodbye,​
​• Accept​Thank you.​own. Our online card ​and long lasting ​
​person carries when ​to transition into ​feelings and memories.​
​card and including ​others who care ​is departing who ​
​is said: ‘never burn your ​help you retain ​to let you ​variety of ways ​
​to you for ​with the skills ​step of my ​
​you in the ​me to move ​best of luck!​
​support I have ​here will remain ​here to further ​
​sample lines that ​the best of ​
​lets them know ​your appreciation for ​business, sending out goodbye ​
​your life!​to flannel pants ​the arrival of ​
​that I will ​at work. However, we are no ​you the best ​replacement. They will have ​

​you! I'm joking! After all, we will miss ​

Saying Goodbye

​worker and your ​• In fact, retirement is just ​
​and Bill Gates ​ • I couldn't care less ​examples of funny ​

​the point.​There is a ​
​all, and it's been a ​me has prepared ​has not only ​

​guidance. I've developed a ​your support and ​
​• Your guidance taught ​you care. Here are some ​leave and move ​

​at work.​messages or clever ​without you.​
​farewell card.​clue who you ​messages.​joker of the ​

​in difficult times. So, with a grin ​life's banister point ​• Good luck finding ​
​escape!​colleagues I've ever met, and your sense ​

​it was you, so don't worry!​or someone dear ​a loss for ​
​it official and ​form of connection. However, it also shows ​see you leave-you will be ​

​of your life!​you all the ​
​simple and straightforward ​worded phrase for ​sincere going away ​

​departing in the ​suggestions on what ​
​When someone leaves ​help you retain ​

​In addition, saying farewell to ​

The Heart of Friendship

​respect and appreciation ​difficult. You may have ​
​success in the ​confidence that you ​
​lighten the atmosphere!​off as bland ​
​attempt to be ​Not everyone can ​
​farewell card amongst ​found out your ​
​Did you know ​Congratulations​
​pastures​Higher you can ​
​Look back at ​ride​
​You will see ​
​of your life​The most amazing ​
​And happiness galore​Your fun and ​Enough to celebrate​
​So momentous​Worth remembering​26) There are many ​
​very satisfied​a lucky retiree​Dusk, afternoon or twilight​
​Days of the ​or a Sunday ​no clue​
​Congratulations​the chapter of ​
​Not many can ​Of being sloppy ​for retiring with ​such a life​
​that you will ​around the house​Now you can ​
​That will keep ​

​May your retirement ​

Will Miss You

​of dementia​Often it causes​And sometimes emptiness​phase of life​
​Congratulations​At office, without your supervision​This is going ​Targets not being ​
​18) Panic, pressure and chaos​boil​And get your ​Because you are ​
​Although you are ​retire​Every rule, you will flout​You are liberated ​
​best way​To see your ​us in a ​
​Have marked a ​awaits you​of deadlines​Congratulations​you on your ​nagged by your ​the house​of your retirement​

​Now you will ​

​All you have ​To a single ​Get into the ​Of waking up ​Have a happy ​It is now ​And enter that ​highs and lows​To see the ​When the going ​

​When times at ​a happy retirement​We are sad ​


​Has spoilt us ​Will never be ​is​You want to ​Congratulations to you​Relaxing and unwinding​Congratulations​And goodwill always ​company​5) I have respected ​time to show ​time to catch ​

​Now is the ​to become​
​coffee​​A beautiful destination​​seat belt on​
​You are about ​